Honeywell 5800C2W

Hardwire to Wireless System 9-Zone Conversion Module

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A simple to install, 9-zone wired to wireless converter. This unit will allow a homeowner with wired zones to use Honeywell's wireless security systems with almost zero hassle. If you are are looking to revitalize an old system with new technology, the 5800C2W is just what you've been looking for.
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For those interested in a wireless system, who have a pre-wired home, the 5800C2W offers the perfect solution. With 9 wired zone terminals available for use with the sensors of a 12-volt, wired security system, this unit will allow users with wired sensors the freedom to use those sensors with Honeywell's state of the art wireless systems like the Honeywell Lyric Alarm System and the LYNX Touch Systems. It can also be used with 2GIG Systems and the IQ Panel 2 Plus with legacy Honeywell daughtercard. Basically, any system that support 345 MHz wireless sensors will support the 5800C2W.

For those trying to decide between a wired system versus a wireless system, this unit makes the decision painless, allowing any user to get the incredible flexibility of wireless sensors and systems with the capabilities of using wired sensors. The system can provide power for wired PIR motion detectors and glass break detectors. However, life safety devices such as wired smokes, heats and CO Detectors are not supported for use with the Honeywell 5800C2W.

Although the transformer is included with the 5800C2W there is no power cable or wire. We recommend purchasing the LT-Cable separately and using it to conveniently connect the transformer to the C2W. While the transformer looks much like the 300-04705V1 transformer that comes with the LYNX Touch and Lyric Controller, DO NOT use this transformer on the 5800C2W, and DO NOT use the 5800C2W transformer to power those panels. You can purchase the proper Honeywell 300-07052 transformer for the C2W separately if you misplace or damage the included one.

Previous to the release of this device, consumers relied on third-party products such as Resolution Products' wired-to-wireless converter, RE208. For others, the alternative was to use a transmitter like the 5816 which would allow wired zones to be converted into wireless. The individual transmitter option can be very expensive, though effective. And while the third-party products provide a very nice solution to this problem, it is no match for the unparalleled quality of the Honeywell hardware.

The 5800C2W does not come with a battery, so the user will need to add one, otherwise, a loss of AC power to the unit would cause all wired zones used by the 5800C2W to become unresponsive. The Ultratech 1250F1 is too big for the box, but the unit's battery wiring harness is long enough to accommodate a battery from a distance. If you have the original panel's metal enclosure, this is where the battery would most likely be housed. However, if you do not have the original metal enclosure, the BW98, Mier brand 7 x 7 inch, beige metal cabinet is the perfect place to store the battery. Do not install the C2W inside the metal cabinet. It will diminish the wireless signal and potentially lead to RF supervision issues.

The 5800C2W module is supervised with a tamper button for when the cover of the unit is removed, and for power loss/low battery detection. The cover of the unit comes with a small slot for the provided magnet. When the cover is removed, it activates an on-board reed switch and transmits a tamper trouble to the panel for the appropriate zone. When the magnet/cover are not properly in place, the module will report the tamper trouble on the first set of zone terminals that is properly calibrated and programmed into your Honeywell wireless system. For instance, if you have something wired to the first set of zone terminals on the 5800C2W, the tamper would be reported on the zone for your system programmed with the serial number for those terminals.

The panel's power supervision reports as a low battery on that same first programmed zone of the 5800C2W. If the 5800C2W power supply is unplugged or you lose power to the outlet, it will report a low battery trouble to the system (on the same zone used to report the cover tamper). In addition, if the backup battery drains to 11.2VDC or below (due to an aging battery or because it's in use once AC power is lost), the low battery trouble will also be reported.

The ease-of-use and flexibility of the 5800C2W make it the perfect addition for anyone looking to covert their old wired sensors to work with new Honeywell, Resideo, or Honeywell Home wireless systems. From the moment the module is installed to the time that you use its one-button calibration, there is not even one pre-wired home that will regret the decision to install and utilize this converter.

Brand: Honeywell

Submitted on 08/24/2014 Joe Maggio

I recently installed the 5800c2w on an old wired system and connected my zones to a Lynx 5100. I wanted to take advantage of the old alarm system and the hidden door jamb wired contacts on each door. I watched the Alarm Grid videos prior to the installation and they were a great help providing everything I needed to set this unit up correctly. The setup was easy and I used the learning mode to set up each zone. The 5800c2w has a good wireless range and I had no problems locating it inside my existing metal alarm box. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to update their old wireless system.

5800 series wireless is not encrypted.
Is the signal encrypted like other offers from the standalone wireless sensors?
correct Take note of gauge of wire if you use it for the all in one panel there is a length limit to each gauge of wire that information is in the install instructions of each panel
thanks--just to confirm, i'd have 2 transformers plugged in, one for the 5800 and another one for the panel that i'm hijacking the existing wires to? I'm just not keen on adding new wires.
That is correct you can use the same wiring just make sure to use the transformer that comes with it. the lyric panel is a all in one that has built in wifi that works with this converter, If you wanted to use the A7pro panel I recommend the SIXC2W
looking at this, have a vista 10p now. So in theory i can swap this in for the vista panel in our closet and then pair it with any panel that supports wireless. Would i still be able to power the panel via the existing wiring (that connects to the vista ac)--i'd guess wireless panels only require power and no data?
you would need to get the take over module for the PRoA7 plus there is a converter for the A7 its called the PROSIXC2W
Can you use this with the PROA7PLUS?
HI David, That should work without issue. Give us a shout at 888-818-7728 if your interested in getting monitored we'll gladly walk you through the setup.
Will the wired Honeywell FG-1625 window break sensor work with the 5800C2W? I have a few old wired motion sensors I want to replace with window break sensors.
If I'm replacing out an existing wired system with the 5800 C2W, and am only interested in HomeKit availability, is this the ONLY. thing that needs to be purchased? (separate from the power cord and maybe a battery). I've read mixed statements saying this is all you need vs. some saying you need additional equipment. Just trying to make sure I purchase everything at once. Also, if you have more than 9 sensors, is the best option to just purchase 2 boards?
To my knowledge, the 5800C2W has no apparatus by which it can make chirping sounds. A sounder is not listed as a feature of the product, and there is nothing in the specifications for the product that mentions a sounder. I suggest you completely power down the 5800C2W for an hour or so, and see if you still hear the chirping. Check for any battery powered non-system smoke detectors that may be around in the area. I've seen this happen with smokes that were put in a drawer and subsequently forgotten about for years.
I have a honeywell 5800c2w that has 4 wired zones on it. No indication on the 5800c2w that there is a problem except for an audible chirp (similar to a smoke detector low battery) once every 30 seconds for about 10 minutes. Then it seems to clear and cycle back again to chirping in an hour or so. The led lights on the unit are #1 green, #2 green, #3 off, #4 intermittent. (all normal based on what i have read) All zones are working as they should when tripped and reset. To test the units battery, i removed AC power and the unit remained on until i plugged it back in. (Around an hour) No indications of system trouble on the Lyric Controller. Does anyone have any ideas on what the chirp could be indicating?
I will let our content team know about your request. Thanks again.
OK, Thanks. Alarmgrid has an outstanding Youtube video channel. It's been very helpful. I'd like to request a video where you spend more time demonstrating the Homekit integration. So far, you only show how to connect the controller to Homekit and arm/disarm. That's cool, but you're only scratching the surface. The ability to pull 'dumb' sensors into Homekit a HUGE game-changer. It's the reason I'm leaving my current alarm company for Alarmgrid. I'd love to see a video of the Lyric sensors inside the Home app changing state as you open contact sensors and move in front of the motion sensor. I'm sure that you know a LOT of people are looking for Homekit compatible security solutions like I was. The ONLY reason that I know about your company is because I was researching the Lyric controller. And the ONLY reason I care about that controller is because it integrates with Homekit. I'm confident that a detailed Homekit demonstration video would become the most popular one on your channel and attract a lot of new customers. Just my opinion. Thanks again.
The wireless delay could be around a millisecond. Since the 5800C2W is giving out a wireless signal as well it would be the same.
Thanks Ciara. Do you know which set up (wireless sensors or wired sensors with the 5800C2W) would provide the fastest performance? I'm very concerned about delay between sensor triggers and controller/homekit response.
Hi, I recommend purchasing the Lyric and all compatible wireless sensors ( . That would make the process simple and smooth. The wireless sensor setup ( is also easier than setting up the 5800C2W. We also offer monitoring if you're interested:
We are getting a new house. I was expecting the house to have a prewired security system. My plan was to purchase the Lyric controller and use the 5800C2W to connect all of the wired sensors to the controller and to Homekit. Turns out that the house we found is not wired for security. In your opinion, would it be better to purchase a controller with all of the wireless sensors OR have the house hardwired then purchase the 5800C2W? Which scenario produce the fastest sensor response time? I plan on using the sensors for Homekit automatons and want to minimize delay.
Yes it will.
This will work with the Lyric panel?
Yes, they are able to as long as their Zone Response type is programmed to a type that HomeKit is able to see.
Would all the sensors connected through the 58000C2W appear in the HomeKit app after HomeKit integration?
Yes, the 5800C2W does work with Dualtec motion sensors.
Does the 5800C2W work with Dualtec Motion Sensors? Thanks
Ideally landing each device onto its own zone is the best course of action. What determines whether a device is armed in stay or away mode is based on the zone programming, not how its wired to the system. You are able to put all of the motions on to a single zone, its just that you won't know which motion triggers if they do activate. Keep in mind you are able to install other 5800C2W modules to support more zones. If you would like to discuss more about your system setup or monitoring plans, feel free to email us at
Thanks. It sounds like my retrofit won’t be too difficult. I didn’t realize until reading more that the alarm speaker is in the controller. I also have a power source behind the wall where the controller will go that’s easy to access. Not sure how to zone the home based on 1 front door sensor and 5 motion detectors. Thinking I will add a sliding door window breakage sensor also with an open door sensor and zone them and the front door together(the only entrances to the home). Then put all the motion detectors into their own zone. This would allow me to arm the home for “stay” mode when I’m home so I can freely move about without tripping the motion sensors. Or would it make more sense to zone each room and combine them to setup which sensors are not monitored in stay/armed mode?
Each of the 9 zones on the 5800C2W are seen as individual zones on the system. The Lyric doesn't have a wired siren option at this time. The only wireless siren that's compatible with it is the SiXSIREN: The 5800C2W doesn't support wired sirens.
I purchased a home that's prewired with 5 motion sensors and 1 front door button. I have removed the 20 year old magnum panel and labeled the wires to prepare for a retrofit. My long term plan is to use Lyric for most of the home automation, but to start I will get the alarm system up and running and later add lighting, thermostat, etc. I would like to install the Lyric Controller LCP500 and use the 5800C2W to convert the 6 wired devices to wireless. Will the all 6 of the devices connected to the 5800C2W be considered 1 zone or can I configure several zones on the controller? Where would I connect the existing wired alarm siren/speaker? Can it also use the 5800C2W or do I need a new one that can communicate wirelessly with the controller?
The 5800c2w uses a 12V, 4AH battery.
Can a 12v 7 amp battery backup be used with the 5800C2W?
Great! Glad you were able to get everything situated.
@sterlingdonnelly:disqus My motion sensor was faulting as I was moving about trying to program zones and causing the duplicate serial error. I covered it with a towel to get everything programmed properly.
Thanks for the information! As I said, I'm getting rid of a Vivint panel. I'm sure you know it is actually a 2GIG panel but locked into Vivint so you can't do anything with it if you want to leave Vivint. But, it looks like I will be able to use the 2GIG accessories I have.
Yes, it will work with a 2Gig Z-Wave thermostat. The Nest smoke alarms won't pair into a Lyric through zone programming but you could potentially use an FF345 module ( ) to integrate them.
Ah, yes, I see it now at and I've updated that comment to include the information about compatibility with the Lyric system. Frank's initial reply was back before the firmware was released that opened up the 2Gig compatibility. We expect they will release an option for an outdoor siren at some point (the main reason why you'd want House ID technology).
Will the Lyric also work with 2GIG thermostats? Nest smoke alarms?
Who told me the Take-345 won't work with the Lyric? Alarm Grid did! In the discussion section for the 2GIG-TAKE-345, Cynthia said it was only supported by 2GIG panels. That comment is a year old, but, I didn't see any other information on that page to say otherwise. Perhaps you should edit that comment. And/or change the product description. And next time you are on the phone with Honeywell, tell them to provide another firmware update to support home ID technology! (Sorry to beat a dead horse...) Oh, and FYI, I'm replacing a Vivint panel. Which is why I need a new main panel. I will return the 5800C2W. Thanks for the information.
That's a great suggestion and we're going to see about getting a plastic enclosure listed on our site. In the mean time, who told you the Take-345 won't work with the Lyric? The Lyric now supports 2Gig sensors - so you shouldn't need to change that out to a 5800C2W. If you want to wait and test the existing TAKE-345 when you get the Lyric and find it works, as it should, you could always contact us for a return on the 5800C2W and your Amazon seller for a return on the plastic case that wouldn't be needed.
Quick question. If this shouldn't be used in a metal cabinet, why don't you sell plastic cabinets? As it so happens, I already have a 2GIG-TAKE-345 which was installed by my previous alarm vendor. And they put it in my current metal box and it works okay. But, since I'm told that the 2GIG-TAKE-345 won't work with the Lyric, I'm stuck buying this Honeywell unit. My guess is it would probably work okay in the metal enclosure since the 2GIG device seems to. But, I went ahead and ordered a plastic enclosure similar to alarm panel enclosures from amazon. Something you might consider selling if you really think this unit shouldn't be in a metal enclosure. So I placed on order my Lyric panel, this board, etc., a few minutes ago.
Ah, yes. Unfortunately, that was one of the few times where a default was needed. If you suspect the issue is with the C2W or the Lyric and easy way to rule that out would be to simply strap the resistor across the zone terminals with the sensor wiring removed and then calibrate the C2W and then try auto-enrolling the zone to the Lyric by disconnecting/re-connecting one leg of the resistor to simulate a door opening/closing. If it learns in that way, the issue is not with the C2W or the Lyric and would be something wrong with the wiring or the sensors. Feel free to call us when you are home if you'd like some assistance.
each of the zones in question are a group of windows and assumed to be wired in series. i have not made any changes since the initial install of the 5800c2w some time ago. i defaulted the panel at the request of your team in order to get the panel to sync with alarmnet. i would certainly have preferred not to default the panel as it was a pain to get the sensors back.
Are both zones multiple sensors wired in series? Did you touch the wiring to the C2W at all in between the last attempt and the new attempt to auto-learn the zones to the Lyric? Also, did you default the Lyric after you activated service with us? If you did, you should email to have us make sure your account is still setup properly. There are very few times when a full panel default is the recommend course of action.
looking for guidance with issue with involving the 5800c2w and lyric controller. previously there was a zone of window sensors that i could not get discovered. i chalked this up to a potential wiring issue to be addressed later. i recently defaulted lyric requiring rediscovery of zones. the zone that was previously undiscovered now is discovered. a different zone that previously was discovered now is not. this behavior leads me to believe it is not wiring. looking for tips on how to troubleshoot.
Yes, they usually need to be replaced every 3-5 years so I'd recommend getting a new 1240 battery ( ).
battery is old battery from ADT system, i guess it has to be replaced.
Yes, that would indicate you don't have enough voltage coming in from the backup battery. 5800C2W module troubles are reported on the first programmed zone used by the C2W. Is your battery new and properly connected to the C2W?
No, the 5828V (and 5828) wireless keypads have no screw terminals to accept any wiring from a 5800C2W, so you'll need a K0991 ( ) transformer to power each wireless keypad.
im getting a low battery on one of the zones even though its a hardwired zone. Does that just mean that the backup battery for thr 5800c2w is low? does the 5800c2w charge the backup battery?
Is the 5800c2w capable of powering auxiliary RF panels like the 5828v? If so how many can I power off the one power supply that comes with the 5800c2w?
Yes, this will work with any wireless Honeywell or 2Gig alarm system.
Can this be used with the Lyric Controller? The description only mentions Lynx.
No, it doesn't do zone doubling so you would just need to use multiple 5800C2Ws if you need more than 9 wired zones.
Does this have zone doubling capability when using with a Lyric or do you need multiple 5800C2W units for more than 9 zones?
No, you should use a separate transformer for each 5800C2W.
I have a need to hookup more than 9 wire zones. Is it possible to use one 5800c2w power supply to power two 5800c2w's?
Which system do you have and how many zones are you trying to wire? You could potentially use the panel's built-in hardwired zone inputs. There's no listed limitation for wired zones to the 5800C2W.
Is there a distance limitation for the loop to connect to the 5800C2W? I have an outbuilding 300' from the house with buried conduit for running wire. I fear the distance is too long for wireless with 300' range when I consider a couple of walls the signal would have to travel through. Will the 5800 C2W work in this application?
The 5800C2W zones do need a resistor but the 5800C2W comes with (9) resistors that will work. Also, it has a resistor calibration mode so that it will work with any resistors that have value of 1k to 10k ohm.
Will this unit require the same EoL resistors like a Vista Panel would?
ok thank you
Yes, that should work. The transformer should be okay in the attic, even with higher temperatures.
im more worried about the temperature in the attic. i live in Houston Texas
25-30 feet and the wire looks like regular lamp wiring. 18 guage
How far is the wire run and what gauge wire was used?
Hello, i took an old panel out of my closet and installed the 5800c2w in its place. can i wire the power adapter for the 5800c2w into the attic like my old alarm panel?
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