Honeywell 5800C2W

Hardwire to Wireless System 9-Zone Conversion Module

Honeywell 5800c2w hardwire to wireless system 9 zone conversion module

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A simple to install, 9-zone wired to wireless converter. This unit will allow a homeowner with wired zones to use Honeywell's wireless security systems with almost zero hassle. If you are are looking to revitalize an old system with new technology, the 5800C2W is just what you've been looking for.
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For those interested in a wireless system, who have a pre-wired home, the 5800C2W offers the perfect solution. With 9 wired zone terminals available for use with the sensors of a 12-volt, wired security system, this unit will allow users with wired sensors the freedom to use those sensors with Honeywell's state of the art wireless systems like the Lynx Touch 5100 or the Lynx Plus 3000.

For those trying to decide between a wired system versus a wireless system, this unit makes the decision painless, allowing an user to get the incredible flexibility of wireless sensors and systems with the capabilities of using wired sensors. The system can power wired PIR motion detectors and glass break detectors. However it will not translate life safety devices such as wired smokes, heats and CO Detectors. These sensors are normally open and the C2W only supports Normally Closed devices.

Although the transformer is included with the 5800C2W there is no cable. We recommend purchasing the LT-Cable separately and using it to conveniently connect the transformer to the C2W. While the transformer looks much like the 300-04705V1 transformer that comes with the LYNX Touch and Lyric Controller, DO NOT use this transformer on the 5800C2W, and DO NOT use the 5800C2W transformer to power those panels. You can purchase the proper Honeywell 300-07052 transformer for the C2W separately if you misplace or damage the included one.

Previous to the release of this device, consumers relied on third party products such as Resolution Products' wired to wireless converter, RE208. For others, the alternative was to use a transmitter such as the 5816 which would allow wired zones to be converted into wireless. The individual transmitter option is very expensive, though effective. And while the third-party products provide a very nice solution to this problem, it is no match for the unparalleled quality of the Honeywell hardware.

The 5800C2W does not come with a battery, but it is strongly suggested that you add one otherwise a loss of AC power to the unit, would cause all wired zones used by the 5800C2W to become unresponsive. The Ultratech 1240 is a too big for the box, but the units harness is long enough to accommodate a battery from a distance. If you have the original wired tin, this is where the battery would most likely be put. However, if you do not have the original tin, the BW98, Mier brand 7 x 7 inch, beige metal cabinet is the perfect place to store the battery. Do not install the C2W inside the metal cabinet. It will diminish the wireless signal and potentially lead to RF supervision issues.

The 5800C2W module is supervised with a tamper button for when the cover to the unit is removed and for power loss/low battery detection. The unit comes with a small insert for the cover to the unit that has an attached magnet that activates an on-board reed switch so that it can detect if the cover is on or not. When the magnet/cover are not on properly, it will report the tamper trouble on the first set of zone terminals programmed in your Honeywell wireless system. For instance, if you have something wired to the first set of zone terminals on the 5800C2W, the tamper would be reported on the zone for your system programmed for those terminals.

The panel's power supervision reports as a low battery on that same first programmed zone of the 5800C2W. If the 5800C2W power supply is unplugged or you lose power to the outlet, it will report a low battery trouble to the system (on the same zone programmed for the first set of zone terminals used on the module). In addition, if the backup battery drains to 11.2VDC or below (due to an aging battery or because it's in use once AC power is lost), the low battery trouble will also be reported.

The ease and flexibility of the 5800C2W make it the perfect addition to anyone looking to covert their old wired sensors to work with new wireless technology. From the moment it is installed to the time that you use its one-button calibration, there is not even one pre-wired home that will regret the decision to install and utilize this converter.


Submitted on 08/24/2014

I recently installed the 5800c2w on an old wired system and connected my zones to a Lynx 5100. I wanted to take advantage of the old alarm system and the hidden door jamb wired contacts on each door. I watched the Alarm Grid videos prior to the installation and they were a great help providing everything I needed to set this unit up correctly. The setup was easy and I used the learning mode to set up each zone. The 5800c2w has a good wireless range and I had no problems locating it inside my existing metal alarm box. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to update their old wireless system.

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