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The SDI SOLOA10 offers canned smoke for testing a smoke detector in your home or business. Simply position the nozzle in the detection vents on the sensor, and release the canned smoke to conduct the test. Make sure to put your system on test mode! Buy the SDI SOLOA10 Canned Smoke here.
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The SDI SOLOA10 is a 4.8 oz can of fake smoke that is used for the purpose of testing a smoke detector. The fake smoke is professional grade and clean, but it should only be sprayed directly at a detector. It features an aerosol push button for easy use, or a Solo 330 dispenser can be used.

This product is non-flammable and non-toxic, and it will not leave a harmful residue in its wake. It is also silicone free, which reduces the risk of contamination to the smoke detector's sensing chamber. SDI SOLOA10 is approved by most smoke detector manufacturers, and it meets new global aerosol regulations.

Before using the SDI SOLOA10 to test a smoke detector, make sure that your system is on test mode with the central monitoring station to avoid any false alarms. A good time to perform these tests is when replacing the batteries for your smoke detector.


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