System Sensor 4W-B

4-Wire Smoke Detector

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The System Sensor 4W-B is a 4-wire smoke detector that provides reliable fire-protection for residential and commercial locations. The hardwired device uses photoelectric technology to detect the presence of smoke. Purchase the System Sensor 4W-B 4-Wire Smoke Detector from Alarm Grid.
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The System Sensor 4W-B 4-Wire Smoke Detector provides reliable fire monitoring for a home or business. The photoelectric smoke detector uses an internal light to detect smoke. The light refracts when smoke enters the chamber, and the sensor alerts the system to let it know about the fire.

Smoke detectors are great for large central areas like living rooms, as well as connecting corridors like hallways and stairwells. But they are not recommended for areas that may feature smoke, such as kitchens and designated smoking areas. They are also not recommended for areas that tend to feature many airborne particles or excessive humidity, such as bathrooms and garages.

The main reason to choose a 4-wire smoke over a 2-wire smoke is that 4-wire smokes can be set up on any standard hardwired zone. The downside is that 4-wire smokes can be more difficult to set up for a DIY user. To use a 4-wire smoke, a user will need an external relay, an end of line resistor (EOLR) and an end of line power supervision relay. They may also need an external power supply if the panel doesn't provide enough power on its own.

Note: This is a smoke detector only and requires that it be connected to an alarm system. The 4W-B does not include a heat sensor, and it does not have a built-in sounder. The device measures 5.3" in diameter, and it has a height of 2.0".

Read here to learn the difference between smoke detectors and smoke alarms. Photoelectric smoke detectors work with an alarm system, and when properly maintained and tested, can last for an indefinite period and do not automatically require replacement after a certain period of time like smoke alarms and CO detectors do.

Brand: System Sensor

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