System Sensor 5621 - 135°F Fixed Temp / Rate of Rise Heat Detector Reviews

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Great Wired Heat Detector!
Submitted on 12/26/2019 Alarm Grid

The System Sensor 5621 is a hardwired heat detector. Like all wired heat sensors, it uses a 2-wire connection with the panel. It should be installed at any open wired zone on the panel. Because of the unique way that heat sensors operate, the fixed temperature portion of the System Sensor 5621 is a one-and-done device. In other words, once the fixed temperature portion of the device activates, it must be discarded and replaced with a new one. But as far as wired heat sensors are concerned, the System Sensor 5621 is a great option. We give it 5 Stars.

There are many things to like about the System Sensor 5621. For one, the sensor offers both fixed temperature detection (135°F or higher) and rate-of-rise (RoR) detection (increase of 15°F or higher in a single minute). This makes it more likely that the sensor will respond quickly to a fire. Since the sensor doesn't respond to smoke, you can use it in an area where smoke may otherwise be present, such as a kitchen or designated smoking areas. The System Sensor 5621 is also great for use in areas like bathrooms and garages where high humidity may cause problems for conventional smoke detectors. As the fixed portion of the sensor is one-and-done, while the ROR portion will restore automatically, no reset function is needed. This makes it super easy to set up for use with an alarm system. The sensor has a large coverage area of 50 sqft with a ceiling height of up to 10 feet.

However, there are some downsides to the System Sensor 5621 that you should consider. The biggest downside is that it is a one-and-done device. You will need to replace it after just one fixed temperature activation. The sensor is designed for indoor use only, so you cannot use it to monitor for outdoor areas. Also the device does not have a sounder, so you cannot use it as a standalone heat sensor. You will also need to make sure your wired system has an adequate sounder. Fortunately, these downsides are rather minor, and they do not stop us from giving the System Sensor 5621 a 5 Star rating.

Good: Fixed Temp. & RoR Detection, Not Prone to False Alarms, No Reset Function Required, Large Coverage Area

Bad: One-And-Done, No Sounder, Indoor Use Only

Bottom Line: 5 Stars