System Sensor 5621

135°F Fixed Temp / Rate of Rise Heat Detector

System sensor 5621 135 degrees f fixed temp slash rate of rise heat detector

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The System Sensor 5621 is a fixed temperature and rate of rise heat detector that alerts users to fires. It is best used in areas where smoke or fine particles are often present. This can include areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Buy the System Sensor 5621 Heat Detector from Alarm Grid.
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The System Sensor 5621 offers reliable and consistent heat detection for homes. The sensor activates upon sensing a fixed temperature of 135°F or higher. It will also activate upon sensing a temperature increase of 15°F or higher in a single minute. It is a hardwired heat sensor.

There are certain areas of the home where a user might want to use a heat sensor instead of a smoke detector for detecting fires. These are usually areas where the presence of smoke or fine airborne particles are likely to cause false alarms. Some common examples includes kitchens, garages and bathrooms. By using a heat detector, you can still get reliable and fast detection, while also being less prone to false alarms.

The 5621 has a diameter of 4.57 inches and a base height of 1.69 inches. It weighs 6 ounces. Multiple mounting options are available, and the necessary equipment comes included. The maximum recommended coverage area is 50 feet by 50 feet with a 10-foot ceiling.

Brand: System Sensor

You DON"T use a heat detector inside the home instead of a smoke detector. Only the garage and attic. You need a photoelectric smoke detector near a kitchen or bathroom so you don't get false alarms.
You can configure the SIXSMOKE for heat only.
I need a heat not smoke because of a kitchen application.
This is not compatible, I may suggest looking into the SIXSMOKE:
Is this lyric compatible?
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