120 dB Wired, Outdoor Siren

Wbox 0e outdsiren 120 db wired outdoor siren c wbox

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A high-quality 120 dB siren with no strobe. The deafening warble tone that comes from this sounder will be enough to alert the neighbors and make the house unbearable for anyone within earshot.
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One of the loudest sirens on the market, this small, but powerful siren packs a 120 decibel punch. Loud enough to be heard for thousands of feet, the deafening 0E-OUTDSIREN is the perfect addition to any security system in need of a loud sounder. While this sounder can be purchased with a strobe light as well, for those less interested in the visual indicator, this siren will suffice.

Unrepentantly loud, the 0E-OUTDSIREN is the most powerful, non-strobe siren Alarm Grid sells. While it's lighted counterpart is definitely more popular, this easy-to-install unit offers simplicity and compactness. Its sounder is a warble tone, and it can be used either indoors or outdoors.

The 0E-OUTDSIREN draws 560mA at 12 VDC. This is useful for anyone doing power calculations on a wired panel such as the VISTA 21iP or the VISTA 20P. For those looking to connect the unit to a wireless setup such as the L5200 or L7000 or the Bell output on the L3000, there are simple ways to achieve that. The LYNX-EXT which comes with a wireless relay and the LYNX-WEXT which comes with a wired relay, are the perfect companion pieces to this popular horn.


A vista 20P with a good battery provides 2 Amps of available siren output current. This device draws 670mA, so you can have 2 of these, which is 1.34 Amps, and then a smaller, lower current draw siren, if you like.
hoy many alarms like this can i use with vista 20p?
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