Winland TEMP-H-W

Waterproof High Temperature Sensor

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If you are looking for a waterproof temperature sensor to pair with a Winland EnviroAlert EA200 or EA400, then you can count on the Winland TEMP-H-W. The sensor can be used reliably in water from 32°F to 221°F. It is often used to monitor pools and hot tubs. Buy the Winland TEMP-H-W here.
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The Winland TEMP-H-W is a waterproof temperature sensor used with the Winland EnviroAlert EA200 and EnviroAlert EA400 devices. The most common application for the device is to monitor the temperature of a pool or hot tub. It can be safely used in liquids ranging from 32°F to 221°F.

Although the TEMP-H-W is listed as a "high" temperature sensor, it can be reliably used to detect an unusually high or low temperature. In other words, it can be used to detect both high temperature and low temperature events. The reason why the TEMP-H-W is called a "high" temperature sensor is because it specializes in safely detecting very high temperatures. But as long as the TEMP-H-W isn't exposed to liquids dropping below freezing levels, you should not encounter any problems.

Winland also offers another waterproof temperature sensor called the Winland TEMP-L-W that specializes in very low temperatures. The TEMP-L-W can be safely used in liquids dropping all the way down to -58°F. But other than their permissible temperature ranges, both the TEMP-H-W and the TEMP-L-W have the same general application. You can identify the TEMP-H-W with its red coloring towards the end of the sensor. Conversely, the TEMP-L-W is blue in this spot.

When setting up the TEMP-H-W, you should mount it on the side of the pool or hot tub, making sure to submerge the sensor in the water. The other end connects to the Zone 2 Output on the Winland EnviroAlert EA-200 or to any of the inputs on the Winland EnviroAlert EA-400. From there, you can program the desired temperature limits for the EnviroAlert device. An environmental alarm will be triggered in the event that a temperature outside the set range is detected. You may want to program the EnviroAlert device with an Alarm Delay Period of up to 120 minutes, as that will allow the sensor to ignore temporary temperature fluctuations.

Please note that the Winland TEMP-H-W is accurate within +/- 2°F. The maximum allowed wire run for the sensor is 1,000 feet when using 22 AWG twisted pair cabling. The TEMP-H-W features a fully submersible waterproof construction, making it perfect for your pool or hot tub. Installation is made easy with the convenient terminal block on the device. Please note that the EnviroAlert EA200 or EA400 should not be submerged in water.


  • Device Type: Waterproof Temperature Sensor for High Temperatures
  • Compatibility: Winland EnviroAlert Sensors
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Temperature Range: 32°F to 221°F
  • Sensor Length: 1.16"
  • Sensor Diameter: 0.3"
  • Attached Cable: 38", Extend up to 1,000 Feet w/ 22 AWG Twisted Pair Cabling
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces

Brand: Winland

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