Winland W-UC-S

WaterBug Under Carpet Flood Sensor for EnviroAlert

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If you want to set up your Winland EnviroAlert EA200 or EnviroAlert EA400 for water leak or flood detection, then the Winland W-UC-S WaterBug will make a great addition. This wired flood sensor has a stable surface-mount design for easy installation. Buy the Winland W-UC-S from Alarm Grid.
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The Winland W-UC-S WaterBug is a wired flood sensor used with Winland EnviroAlert devices, including the EnviroAlert EA200 and EnviroAlert EA400. A wired connection should be made between the Winland W-UC-S and the EnviroAlert hub. You can then install the W-UC-S in a flood-prone area.

The Winland EnviroAlert Sensors are used for many applications, including temperature detection, humidity monitoring, and more. But if you want to use these devices for flood detection, then you need a compatible probe accessory. That is where the Winland W-UC-S comes in. Nicknamed the "WaterBug", the W-UC-S is basically a wired flood sensor probe that you can place in a location at-risk for flooding.

The letters "UC" in the Winland W-UC-S actually stand for "Under Carpet", indicating that the device is actually built to be installed underneath carpeting. This is somewhat unique, as most flood sensors cannot be used in such a manner. The reason the W-UC-S works so well when installed underneath carpeting is because of its very thin profile. The sensor is less than one-fifth of an inch thick, allowing it to be placed under a carpeted floor, without jutting out awkwardly.

At the bottom of the Winland W-UC-S are four (4) stainless steel contact probes that alert the sensor when liquid is present. You should mount the Winland W-UC-S so that the contact probes are placed against the surface being monitored. In the center of the four (4) contact probes is a designated spot for drilling a hole to mount the sensor. The product features a stable surface-mount design to keep it steady and secure in the are being monitored for flooding.

The Winland EnviroAlert EA200 or EA400 device will be triggered whenever the stainless steel contacts detect liquid, or if the wire between the W-UC-S and the EnviroAlert hub is cut. The Winland W-UC-S has a 15-foot cable, but you can extend the wire run to a maximum distance of 1,000 feet when 18-22 AWG cabling is added. Please note that the 1,000-foot wire run limit is assuming that the Winland W-UC-S is being used with a Winland EnviroAlert Sensor.


  • Device Type: Wired Flood Sensor Probe
  • Compatibility: Winland EnviroAlert Sensors
  • Installation: Stable Surface-Mount Design
  • Flood Detection: Four (4) Stainless Steel Contact Probes
  • Attached Cable Length: 15 Feet
  • Maximum Wire Run: 1,000 Feet w/ EnviroAlert Sensors Using 18-22 AWG Twisted Pair Wire
  • Dimensions: 3.0"L x 2.0"W x 0.18"D
  • Weight: 1.6 Ounces

Brand: Winland

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