Telguard Interactive

Telguard is a division of the Telular Corporation that manufactures and designs cellular M2M (machine-to-machine) solutions for the security and alarm monitoring industries. Telular has over twenty five years of experience with proven success in developing cellular M2M applications that provide advanced event monitoring and reporting services. Their Telguard division specializes in universal cellular alarm communicators that provide security systems with a secure wireless link to a central station for alarm monitoring services. Telguard is different than other companies that make universal cellular alarm communicators because they were able to develop the Telguard Interactive service. Telguard Interactive is the first and only interactive monitoring service supported by a universal cellular alarm communicator.

While other interactive monitoring services are available, such as the Total Connect service offered by Honeywell’s AlarmNet division or’s interactive service which works with GE security systems, they only work with particular systems. Until Telguard introduced Telguard Interactive, only certain versions of Honeywell and GE security systems supported the next level interactive services that allow for remote system control.

With the popularity of smartphones and mobile apps, people are beginning to expect more from all of their electronics. It’s not enough to just be able to record a TV show or search for a new restaurant online. Now people want to be able to manage their recordings from their phone and locate nearby restaurants while they walk downtown. The same thing is true for the security industry and Telguard has once again proven to be a leader in cellular alarm communications by being the first to provide a solution for any security system to be controlled from a mobile device. With a Telguard cellular alarm communicator and Telguard Interactive service, you are able to remotely arm or disarm any security system from a computer or from an app on an iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ or Blackberry® device. When you log in, the current system status will be displayed and then you can arm or disarm with the touch of a button. You can also use the Telguard Interactive service to have your security system send you instant emails and/or text messages whenever a new alarm occurs. The notification will have the zone that was triggered, so that you have a better idea of what caused the alarm. Another great feature of the Telguard Interactive service is the arming and disarming notifications. These notifications will alert you every time the security system is armed or disarmed so that you know instantly when someone is accessing your home.

Telguard communicators are currently being used to protect hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. Their ability to interface with any security system makes Telguard cellular alarm communicators perfect for all applications. The Telguard Interactive service is what distinguishes Telguard cellular alarm communicators from all other universal cellular alarm communicators. By adding a Telguard communicator, and signing up for the Telguard Interactive service, you can avoid having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a system upgrade to get the advanced interactive monitoring services that today’s security system owners require.

Here at Alarm Grid, we offer Telguard Interactive service with our Self Monitoring and Monitoring Plus plans which you can sign up for at our alarm monitoring sign-up page. Make sure to add the extra “Cellular / Wireless Communication” option as all Telguard communicators are cellular alarm communicators.