Telguard TG-1 Express - Verizon LTE Universal Cellular Communicator
Telguard TG-1 Express
Verizon LTE Universal Cellular Communicator
List Price: $256.00
Our Price: $167.99
Telguard TG-1 Express - AT&T LTE Universal Cellular Communicator
Telguard TG-1 Express
AT&T LTE Universal Cellular Communicator
List Price: $256.00
Our Price: $167.99
Telguard GDC1 - Z-Wave Garage Door Controller and Switch
Telguard GDC1
Z-Wave Garage Door Controller and Switch
List Price: $192.00
Our Price: $126.99
Telguard TGFX-HUB1 - FlexHub Z-Wave Automation Controller for HomeControl Flex
Telguard TGFX-HUB1
FlexHub Z-Wave Automation Controller for HomeControl Flex
List Price: $96.00
Our Price: $63.99
Telguard is a division of the Telular Corporation and accounts for the majority of Telular’s revenue. Telular is a company that operates in the cellular M2M (machine-to-machine) space by providing products and services that allow machines to communicate with each other over commercial wireless networks. While Telular provides M2M applications for many different industries, Telguard is their business segment that specializes in the security and alarm monitoring industries. As Telular is one of the top M2M companies in the world, their expertise in cellular data processing provides Telguard with the strongest foundation possible. In the security and alarm monitoring industries, reliability is extremely important. Therefore, Telular Corporation’s data processing center is the reason that Telguard is one of the most trusted names in the alarm monitoring industry. Telguard manufactures cellular alarm communicators used for alarm monitoring services. While security systems have traditionally sent their alarm signals to a central station using plain old telephone service (POTS), nowadays there are more advanced and reliable ways to transmit alarm signals. Because a phone line is exposed on the outside of most homes, an intruder can simply cut the phone line before breaking in to ensure that the alarm signal will not be received by the central station. The advantage of a cellular alarm communicator is that it connects to the alarm control panel inside the property and communicates wirelessly with the central station over a cellular network. Therefore, there is no wire that can be cut to defeat the security system. Another advantage of using a Telguard cellular communicator is that all Telguard units are either powered directly from the security system or they have their own power supply and backup battery. This ensures that even during a power outage, the Telguard cellular communicator will still be able to transmit the alarm signal to the central station. With internet communicators and internet based phone services, a power outage can be just as devastating as a cut line because the security system’s communication path will be unavailable whenever the modem or router are powered down. Finally, in addition to the security advantages that make cellular alarm communicators the most reliable form of alarm communication, a Telguard cellular communicator offers potential customer savings as well. Most people use cellular phones to make their voice calls and therefore, lots of people are getting rid of their phone service. However, many people continue to pay for a phone service they would otherwise eliminate because they think they need it for their security system. By adding a Telguard cellular alarm communicator, those people would be able to eliminate their monthly phone bill and still have their security system monitored. While there are many cellular alarm communicator manufacturers to choose from, Telguard stands out from the rest of the pack for many reasons. First, Telguard is one of the few that provides the flexibility of universal cellular alarm communicators that will work with any security system. Telguard cellular communicators also transmit full event data so that the central station can receive detailed alarm signals that tell the operator exactly what is happening. Most of the other alarm communicator manufacturers design their communicators to interface with a particular brand of security system and the other universal alarm communicator manufacturers have more limited devices that can only report that an alarm has happened, without being able to relay exactly which zone was tripped. Therefore, if you have a Telguard communicator, you would be able to use it with another system if you were to move or upgrade your system and you would still be able to get the advanced alarm communications you desire. Telguard has also been one of the most responsible cellular communication companies when it comes to the transition from the 2G cellular network to the newer 3G/4G cellular networks. AT&T has announced that they have begun to cannibalize the older 2G network to free up throughput for the 3G and 4G networks that use much more data. AT&T has also announced that by the end of 2016, the 2G network will not be supported at all. Nearly every cellular alarm communicator used today operates on the older 2G network. Therefore, security system owners that use cellular alarm communicators, may begin to experience communication problems and will eventually have to upgrade their cellular alarm communicator to a 3G/4G version. Telguard was the first alarm communicator manufacturer to release 3G/4G devices and they spent considerable time and effort to educate alarm dealers on the importance of installing 3G/4G cellular communicators to protect the security system owners. While other manufacturers stayed silent about the changes in cellular networks, Telguard was doing everything they could to make sure that no one was left with a communicator that no longer works. Finally, Telguard’s biggest advantage is their Telguard Interactive service. The days of arming and disarming your security system from your keypad are coming to an end. Now people expect to be able to control their systems from a computer or a smartphone. Telguard Interactive service is the first interactive monitoring service offered by a universal cellular alarm communicator manufacturer. You used to have to use specific security systems to get the next level services that allow you to arm and disarm your security system remotely, but Telguard developed a unique solution that works with nearly any security system. Telguard’s proven commitment to staying up to date with the changes in cellular alarm communications is what makes them one of the best alarm communication providers in the country. We are proud to be a Telguard dealer and we recommend Telguard cellular alarm communicators to anyone that is looking to free themselves from a traditional land line.
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