Anthony W. from Duluth, GA

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How easy was installing the system on your own?

I installed the system on my own and it was VERY easy. I installed two cameras, one keypad, the main hub, and 8 sensors. Each piece came with all the supplies and directions that I needed. While the process was easy, I had a ton of support from the alarm technician over the phone. He not only went though and checked that each piece was working properly, he tested the system with me several times. We also wanted wanted to check how the system would work with our dogs moving around the house and he was more than happy to help us test that as well.

What made you pick Alarm Grid?

We first chose Alarm Grid because of the great value they brought to an individual that was looking to install a small Total Connect system...and no contracts. We have stayed with Alarm Grid because of their wonderful customer service, the true value of the available plans, and the quality of their product!

Does Alarm Grid's monitoring service make you feel safer?

In one word...YES! We love that we can alarm the house from our phones or by the keypads. Knowing that the alarm has a built in smoke alarms gives us added peace of mind for when we have to leave our fur-babies at home alone. We also appreciate that we can check in on who is coming and going from our house by using the cameras on our phone! Everything about this system makes us feel comfortable about leaving our home.

How has Total Connect improved your alarm monitoring experience?

We have the Total Connect service with our package and use it FREQUENTLY. We love the fact that we can arm and disarm our alarm by using our phones or iPad. The Total Connect also gives us the ability to view our cameras to see what is going on around our home when we can't be there. This service is very convenient and easy to use. With Alarm Grid the price can't be beat either!!

Give us your thoughts on Alarm Grid's customer service...

I have used Alarm Grid's customer service many times and each time they were extremely responsive and helpful! When you call Alarm Grid you are not dealing with a large company that treats you like a are dealing with the actual owners of the company that take pride in their company and WANT you to be satisfied! They have always been able to answer all of my questions and resolve any issues at hand.