Jerry C. from Dacula, GA

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

If you installed your system on your own, how easy was it?

I performed the installation myself with the help from Sterling. I was so grateful for the guidance and advice provided by Sterling. With the guidance provided by Sterling, the installation was a breeze.

Why did you pick Alarm Grid over other monitoring companies?

I looked into other companies, but they only offered packaged options and none of those offerings directly addressed my expectations. By acquiring products and service from Alarm Grid, I was able to customize my security system and monitoring service to meet my needs.

How much money did you save by installing this system on your own?

A ton! One of the local security companies came out to quote there offerings, where the price escalated as I asked for specific features. In addition, the unit they were selling was, in my opinion, inferior to the security system I now own.

Why Would You Recommend Alarm Grid to Other?

PRICE AND SUPPORT WITH PRODUCTS! Pre-sales and post-game support, plus customizable features.