Carl R. from Glen Ridge, NJ

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

Was Installing Your Own System Easy?

On a scale of 1-10 I would rate it a 5. You need common sense and ability to read instructions but nothing technical. With one door I had to cut into the molding to accommodate the sensor.

Does Having Alarm Grid Monitor Your Home Make You Feel Safer?

Yes! I like to hear the beep each time an back or front door or side gate is opened for both security and to know when my kids come in go from the house. In addition, to be able to monitor and turn on and off remotely with the mobile application is convenient.

How Much Did You Save?

I estimate I saved approximately $500 upon initial installation. In addition, I am still adding door and window sensors, so the savings continues.

Are You Using Home Automation? Any Advice?

I use automation for my thermostat and a back door lock. The money saved by being able to control my heating and cooling system from the application is staggering.

Did You Have a Security System Before This?

Yes. It was installed by the builder. There was no automation and was expensive to add new sensors because they required hard-wiring. The monthly fee was also 20% more for the same services I receive today.

Would You Recommend Alarm Grid to Others?

Simple, easy to install for the do-it-yourselfer. The monthly fee is reasonable and with the homeowner's insurance discount practically pays for the monitoring fee. It’s also sensible to have security, fire and smoke alarm protection in your house for your family.

What Do You Think of the Phone App?

You never have to remember to turn on the system. You can activate the alarm after you leave the house without sprinting to the door. You can also disarm the system prior to arriving. It makes the system much more convenient.