Isaac R. from New York City, NY

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How Easy Was Installing the System Yourself?

I installed the system on my own. It was an upgrade from a 10+ year old system and it was super easy. The upgrade process was well documented through Alarm Grid's FAQ's and YouTube videos and the support team was easily available for a few questions I had.

The Alarm Grid site and web presence in general is very powerful. The site is easy to search and provides in depth product knowledge. The extensive YouTube video collection gave me confidence.

Why did you Pick Alarm Grid?

I selected Alarm Grid due to a combination of factors. Flexibility in existing system re-use & upgrade, flexibility in monthly service options, no need for a contract, product knowledge and a rich website.

Also, I am able to know when my kids' code is used to disarm the home when they arrive from school. This offers greater peace of mind.

What Do you Like About Alarm Grid's Interactive Services?

Total connect was what I have been looking for. It provides automation and pro-active monitoring of zones. It also provides granularity of users who can access the system, offering peace of mind for families with kids.

I have entrusted Alarm Grid with 2 of my properties!