Christopher G. from Las Vegas, NV

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Tell Us About Your Alarm Grid Experience

Alarm Grid sold me the cheapest DIY system I could find that included a touchscreen. And it's great!

I love Total Conect. The notifications through text message are always fast and reliable.

I have no idea how much money we've saved, because other companies include the install price with the cost of he system which inflates the price of the system. We installed the system ourselves using the resources on Alarm Grid's site. So between labor and product, the answer is that the savings were significant. But I couldn't give a specific answer.

What Is Your Favorite Part of the System?

The user friendly touchscreen, the voice alerts, the wifi capability and the text message alerts makes it a complete system. We love this stuff. It makes the system easy to use, and something that I don't have to think about. It just works. Our previous system was worthless and far from user friendly. With Alarm Grid, we have an easy to use top-of-the-line system, System expandable. And when I call in for help, all questions answered without a long hold time and I get to speak with an native English speaker.

What do you think of the Interactive Services?

I have an iPhone. The app is a must! You can turn it on or off from your phone and check the status.