David Z. from Cookeville, Tennessee

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

Did You Install the System On Your Own?

I installed the system myself. The only difficult part was getting the power through a wall so that there were no cords showing. The alarm itself was so easy to set up that once I had power, it was running and I was installing sensors in under 10 minutes.

How Did You Select Alarm Grid?

I selected Alarm Grid for the ability to hook up my smartphone and my wife's smartphone and monitor the home. I travel a lot for work and knowing she got home from work because I get the alert on my phone has made me feel better while on the road. She tells me that she feels so much safer now that she can control the house from the master bedroom upstairs and not have to walk through the house in the dark at night.

Did You Use Alarm Grid's Online Resources?

I did use some of the videos while installing my system, more as a double checker. It was very easy and intuitive but I watched a few of the YouTube videos just to be sure I was doing it right the first time.

What Do You Like Most About Alarm Grid's System?

Knowing what door opens is great for us. The speaker is VERY loud and our house is 2800 square feet so even if I'm on the other end of the house I can still hear it and know what is going on. We have a small child who is getting very sneaky, so if he disappears and unlocks the door, we instantly know where to find him and he can't take off.

We use the Total Connect app every day. My wife suffers from a constant fear she forgot to lock the door, so with our electronic lock she can double check anytime, anywhere and make sure it's locked.

Did You Get a Chance to Use Our Customer Service?

Customer service was so much better than I expected! From my experiences with other companies, I was really hesitant to call when I had an issue. When I did call in, the person I spoke to was very good and spoke to me like a normal person, not like he was reading from a manual or script. I know if I ever have an issue I will not hesitate to call again.