Robert C. from Blairsville, GA

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

Tell us how the installation went.

The Honeywell Lynx 5100 system was surprisingly easy to install. The few times that I had an issue was because I didn’t slow down and read the instructions. I tend to skim over and dive into things. Reading the instructions thoroughly first will save some frustration. Sterling was great at answering questions. The online videos that are on the Alarm Grid website are also very helpful.

My installation included window and door sensors that were included with my Eagle Brand windows and doors and indicate whether they are locked or not, not just opened or closed. Also smokeheatmotion, and a water probe and sensors. Three thermostats are connected as well. All of these sensors were easy to enroll into the alarm panel. Everything is wireless. System has been operating for about 6 months with no issues.

How did you end up settling on Alarm Grid?

Alarm Grid was very helpful in selecting the right system for my needs. Their monitoring plan requires no contract. They are very reasonably priced. I have this system at a second home I am not always there and I was impressed that Sterling called me when my internet connection went down. I had a bad router which I quickly replaced. They are quick to let you know if there is a system problem. Great peace of mind when I am not home.

Does Alarm Grid's monitoring make you feel safer?

Absolutely, knowing that my property is protected while I am away makes me feel safer. Not only will Alarm Grid notifying me of a sensor tripping, but also if there is a system problem.

How much money did "going DIY" Save You?

Thousands. I have over 60 different zones and 4 thermostats. An installer would have charged significantly more to install the system based on the 2 quotes I received from other alarm companies. Alarm Grid also had great prices on the equipment.

Did you use our video resources?

The videos that Alarm Grid produces are very helpful in not only installing the system, but also choosing the right components. They show what the different components do and how to install them.

Would you recommend Alarm Grid to other people?

Alarm Grid was very helpful in selecting the right system for my needs and followed up. I built a new house over the course of a year and Sterling was very good about following up with me before I bought that system and then with the installation. He was great at answering stupid questions. Made me feel comfortable discussing different possibilities with components for my system and how to install them.

What do you think about Total Connect?

Total Connect is great. The system is at a second home and I am able check the temperature inside while I am not there. This is particularly important in the winter so nothing freezes. I can adjust the temperature to a comfortable setting before I arrive at the house. It also enables me to arm the system remotely when I leave in case I forget. I can also disarm/arm the system if I need to have some check something in the house. No need to give them the code.