Randy M. from Campbell, CA

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

Did your installation go well?

It couldn’t have been simpler! Alarmgrid.com has everything needed for the DIY alarm install. The website is brilliantly designed. All an user has to do is select a wireless, internet, or the wired security system they want and any sensors. I had some questions along the way specific to my application and I emailed Sterling. He immediately helped me by pointing out what would be appropriate for this install.

I can’t believe how responsive Sterling was. My calls were answered immediately and the team is always available to help!

The actual install was very straight forward. Sterling has youtube step-by-step videos for every step of the way. Once everything was physically installed AlarmGrid handled all the programing remotely and my monitoring started immediately.

How did you end up selecting Alarm Grid over other companies?

Sterling was my deciding factor in going with Alarm Grid. He offers exceptional customer service and fully explained why AlarmGrid is the best option. Many of the “other” mounting services offer only a single monitoring station. This matters because if this monitoring station goes down the police, fire, and ambulatory services can’t be dispatched in an emergency. Alarm Grid offers multiple monitoring locations across the USA. If one fails due to natural disaster they fail-over to another location in seconds. This offered me peace of mind! Go ahead shop around, ask the competitors how many monitoring locations they have. They won’t want to tell you that they only have one station!

Does Alarm Grid's service make you feel safer?

I travel a lot because I have split family all over the state of California. Knowing my alarm and monitoring service is protecting my house gives me peace of mind. I also absolutely love that with Honeywell optional service I can remotely set/unset the alarm. I can also tell at what time a zone was tripped/opened/closed, and what user codes were used to set/un-set the alarm. This is huge if you have guests that are watching your house. You can actually validate the course of events if need be.

Did you save money by signing up for Alarm Grid?

I had contacted national alarm companies like ADT and Bay Alarm. They wanted 5,000 dollars to install the system followed by a 3 year contact of 39.95 a month. My equipment costs - wire, switches, sensors, tools and alarm panel - was in the neighborhood of $700. Make sure when you see these “$99 security system” offers you look very closely at how many windows/doors they monitor. They usually only monitor a few. Alarm Grid gives you full coverage of your house. This is how security should be!

Did you get a homeowners insurance discount?

You can expect to save 20% off your homeowners insurance. This has saved me nearly $200 a year. The money saved will offset the monthly monitoring charge. Why wouldn’t you want your home to be monitored for next to nothing after the home owners insurance discount? I call it a WIN-WIN!