Tony S. from Somerset, NJ

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How Easy Was the Installation?

The system was VERY easy to install. There are a series of videos which are very informing.

The "toughest" part was mounting the alarm keypad. It was just a matter of mounting it close to an outlet and screw it to the wall. The sensors are simple, peel and stick. I installed the whole system in a few hours.

What Made Alarm Grid so Appealing to You?

I love the great prices and the option to self monitor without spending a fortune each month. We feel a much greater sense of security knowing that our property is better protected.

The option to self monitor and save money is our favorite thing about Alarm Grid. Over the years, the savings will pay for the system. Also, I love how small the sensors are. They're barely noticeable on the windows and doors.

From research and talking to people, I'm thinking I probably saved many hundreds of dollar. Maybe even a couple of thousand $ by installing myself.

We used Alarm Grid's YouTube channel and FAQs to install the system. The fact that they have so many tutorial videos shows how much Alarm grid cares. Also, their staff is beyond top notch and knowledgeable. They ALWAYS pick up the phone quickly and promptly answer all questions. I had to call a few times regarding some minor setup details and the guys were all very well spoken, patient and thorough.

How do you use Total Connect?

Love the fact that me and my wife can get both emails and texts if the alarm is triggered. Even better, it's great that we get the same notifications when the system is armed and disarmed. This is also helpful in knowing when the kids are coming and going.

Have You Taken Advantage of the Homeowners Insurance Discount?

I forgot about the homeowners insurance discount. Thanks for reminding me.