2GIG Go!Control: Arm Away, Arm Stay the System


Looking to remain protected while you're at home with your 2GIG GC2 alarm control panel? Learn to arm your system in Stay 1 Away Mode. 2GIG Go!Control: ...


Sterling: Hi DIYers. Sterling with AlarmGrid here. Today we're going to show you how to arm your 2GIG Go! Control System. Arming your system is the most critical function that an [inaudible] going to need to know how to do and it's a very simple process on the system. If you're not on the screen, the thing you always want to do is just hit this Home button. And now you have the option to hit Security and then Arm. When you hit Arm you see that you have two different arming modes: Stay, which has a picture of a man inside the home, and Away, which is the picture of someone leaving the home. When you arm to Away it's going to arm everything, doors, windows, and motion detectors. If you arm to Stay it's going to arm everything except for the motions. That's so when you walk throughout the house, in the Stay mode, you're not activating false alarms on your motion detector. To arm Away, very basic, hit the Away button. System: Arming Away. Exit now. Sterling: You can see it says, "Arming Away. Exit now." It tells you to leave the building. It shows a countdown of our exit delay period, which we have set to 60 seconds, which is the recommended exit delay. It's an industry standard delay. Certainly can edit it but we wouldn't suggest that you go lower than 60 seconds. As long as you open and close the door to leave and have everything shut by the time this delay period times out then the system will be armed without any false alarms. If we hit Disarm and then type in our master code, we're back to here. If we go back in, let's pretend we were arming back to Stay. That showed you Arm Away. To Arm to Stay mode, very basic. Hit the Stay button. Now we're in the house so it's not beeping at us. When we're away we're saying everybody is leaving so it gives the beeps on any keypads and control panels in the house. It's going to beep to alert everybody to make sure they get out. In Stay mode, because they understand that some people may leave but other people may still be in the house, it does not beep at you. It's a silent exit delay in Stay mode. So that's a key aspect between the two different arming modes. If you allow it to go all the way down to zero - zero, we're going to see the system arm to Stay mode. There's nothing but silence on the Stay because again, when you're in Stay mode there may be...let's say you're going to leave to go to work and your spouse is going to stay home or your kids are going to stay home. That's why you don't hear anything in the home because they understand that some people may be leaving but other people are going to stay. System: System Armed (stay) Sterling: Now the full 60 seconds went away. You can see at the top it now says, "System Armed (stay)." And we have accurately armed our system to Stay mode. If we hit the Disarm button... System: System Disarmed. Sterling: We're back to this screen and you now know how to arm your 2Gig Go! Control Panel to Away Mode and to Stay mode. We hope you've enjoyed this video. We invite you to subscribe to our channel and if you have any questions on arming your 2Gig Go! Control, please e-mail Support@AlarmGrid.com