2GIG Go!Control: Changing Brightness


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Hi DIYers, Sterling with Alarm Grid here. Today we're gonna show you how to adjust the brightness of the screen on your 2GIG Go!Control panel. So, out of the box it as bright as possible. Some people have this panel installed in their bedroom, or in a location in a living room perhaps, where they don't really want this nice bright screen. So, to change this you're gonna need your master code. By default, the master code is 1111. Most people have changed that master so, of course, you need your master to make this change, but typically the master is what you're using to arm and disarm, so hopefully you have this code. So, we're gonna hit 'menu,' 'toolbox,' and type in the master code. We've changed it from default to 1234 so we're gonna type that in. And we now have 'toolbox' and we have the option to hit 'brightness.' On this screen you're adjusting both the volume, which we've already shown you in a separate video how to change, and the brightness selection. Obviously the little sun icon with the longer arrow, or the longer dashes, is to make it more bright, and the one with the little dots around the brightness indication would lower the brightness. So, as I described, it's at the max 12 brightness out of the box and very simply we can select all the way down to 1. At 1, it's nearly dark. You can still see it, but we wouldn't really recommend going that dark. But it's your system, you set it up however you want. I'm gonna up it back up to 6, and if we hit 'cancel,' we've undone anything we've changed, so it would go back to 12. If we want to lock it into 6, we hit 'OK.' We go back to the home screen, and you can now see that the screen is dimmed a bit from where we were before. And that is changing the brightness of your 2GIG Go!Control screen. If you've found this video to be helpful, please subscribe to our channel, and if you have any questions on changing the brightness on your 2GIG Go!Control system, please email support@alarmgrid.com.