2GIG Go!Control: Changing the Volume


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Sterling: Hi, DIYers, Sterling with Alarmgrid, here. Today, we're gonna show you how to adjust the volume on your 2GIG Go Control panel. Out of the box the volume would be set as low as possible. You certainly can hear it, but if you're not right here at the panel, you probably won't hear it. So a lot of people like to up the volume so that if they're not right by the panel they can hear their chimes. They can hear that the panel's arming or any kind of system enunciation that you would want to hear. So the way to change it, you're gonna need your master code, not your installer code. So if you hit Menu, Toolbox and type in your Master Code, the default code is 1111. We've actually changed our master. So we're gonna type in 1234, which is what we have it set to now. And we're in our Toolbox menu. You can see brightness/volume is here. As soon as you go into that, you hear the sound of the volume that it's set to now. You can see it's a selection from 1 to 12 and it's on one now. If you up the volume by pressing here, it will give you the noise again. Each time you increase the volume, it's gonna give you the indication of how loud you're making it. This is not something that you can scroll or push the thing up. You have to do the up or down. So, obviously, the speaker with the little bar here is to lower the volume. The speaker with the three bars is to up the volume. One more press, we're gonna hear how loud it can get. So if you hit Okay, it'll lock the setting in. If you hit Cancel, it's gonna revert back to where you were before. We would be back to one. We like to make it nice and loud. So we're gonna hit Okay, and then we're gonna hit the home button. And now our system, when we arm it, you can hear even the button presses. System: Arming away, exit now. Sterling: The voice and the button presses are much louder than they were before. System: System disarmed, ready to arm. Sterling: So now you know how to adjust the volume on your 2GIG Go Control panel, and you can select the right volume for you and your family. If you've enjoyed this video, please subscribe to our channel. And if you have any questions on adjusting the volume on your 2GIG Go Control, email support@alarmgrid.com.