2GIG Go!Control: Pairing Z-Wave Devices


Adding another smart home device to your home's Z-Wave network is a simple process; one that can be achieved in a few steps. If you're like most people that ...


Most homeowners will want to add additional z-wave smart home devices to their home such as light switches, lamp modules, locks, or thermostats. Pairing such a device to your system is easy with the following steps. Install the z-wave device as directed by the device's instructions. If it is a lamp or appliance module, connect the lamp or load to the module, and be sure the power switch on the lamp or load is on. From the z-wave toolbox screen, press the 'add devices' button. The Go!Control panel will display 'discovering devices,' and wait for a signal from a device. Press and quickly release the program button on the device. Some devices may need to be pressed twice, like a double click. When the device is discovered, the display will show it's type, manufacturer, and network node information assigned to the device. Repeat steps three and four for any additional devices that need to be added to the network at this time. If you are unable to add a z-wave device to your system, then you will need to contact your dealer to adjust the dealer settings on your control panel.