5800C2W Support With the Lyric Alarm System

5800C2W Support With the Lyric Alarm System


In this video, Jarrett explains how the Honeywell 5800C2W can be used with a Resideo Lyric Security System. The Honeywell 5800C2W takes wired sensors and allows them to communicate at the wireless 345 MHz frequency that is supported by the Lyric Panel. This is great for upgrading from a wired panel.

Many users with hardwired systems want to upgrade to newer wireless system. An all-in-one wireless panel is easier to operate, and it will offer various features and capabilities that are not possible on most older wireless systems. But it's possible that you may be able to bring over your older hardwired sensors and continue to use them with your newer system. The Resideo Lyric makes this possible using the Honeywell 5800C2W. By connecting your hardwired sensors with the Honeywell 5800C2W, you can have them communicate with the Lyric System. The Lyric will see the wired sensors as wireless sensors.

The Honeywell 5800C2W has nine (9) hardwired zone terminals. Zone-doubling is not possible on the 5800C2W. This means that you can use up to nine (9) wired sensors with a single 5800C2W. If you want to use additional sensors beyond that, then you will need additional 5800C2W modules. Technically, you can take up an entire Lyric System with hardwired sensors from 5800C2W modules. Just remember that you cannot exceed the total number of zones that the system can support. The Lyric supports up to 128 zones, so there are plenty to work with for end users.

Remember, the Lyric will see the hardwired sensors as wireless sensors. Each hardwired sensor will need to be individually enrolled to a wireless zone on the system. You must put the Lyric into its auto-enrollment mode and then fault the hardwired sensor with it connected to the 5800C2W. The Lyric should recognize the transmission that the 5800C2W sent out on behalf of the sensor. You will then be able to configure the programming settings for that zone like you would for any compatible wireless sensor.



Hey, DIY-ers. Jarrett with AlarmGrid here. Today, we're going to be discussing how many 5800C2Ws you can use with the Honeywell Lyric system. Now, the Honeywell Lyric can support up to about 14 5800C2W devices. Now, if you did want to be able to use all hard-wired or hard-wired sensors with the Honeywell Lyric system, then you would actually have to use 15 5800C2W, but you can only use 14. Now, if you were to try to use all hard-wired sensor in the system, then unfortunately, you wouldn't be able to use any wireless sensors. So I wouldn't really suggest that. The Honeywell wireless sensors are very, very easy to be able to setup and they're very simple to use. The Honeywell Lyric can support up to about 128 different wireless sensors, if you wanted to set up that many. Now, zones three through 130 are meant for the wireless sensors. Now, zones 127 through 130 are meant for garage doors. Now, you are able to use those zones for different compatible sensors if you wanted to. You're not stuck to just using garage tourist sensors with those different zones. Now, the different type of sensors you can use with the Honeywell Lyric are the Honeywell 5800 sensors, the Honeywell SIX series devices, and the 2 gig 345 megahertz sensors. You also can use the 345 megahertz optics sensors as well, and Versa 2 gigs, which are basically door and window contacts that work very well for the system. The 5800C2W is a hard-wired to wireless conversion module. It basically allows you to take your existing hard wired sensors and allow them to wirelessly communicate with the Honeywell Lyric system. So you wouldn't have to replace any of them with a bunch of wireless or new wireless sensors. If you wanted to use your existing hard-wired contacts and you're just switching over to the Honeywell Lyric, you can use the 5800C2W. The 5800C2W, it can support up to about nine different hard-wired zones. So if you have more than about nine hard-wired zones, you are going to need more than one 5800C2W. Now, the Honeywell Lyric does have two hard-wired contacts or terminals that you can use directly on the panel itself. But those are reserved for door and window sensors. You cannot use any other type of sensors with it. They're just meant for door and window sensors. Now, in regards to the 5800C2W, there are some sensors that unfortunately you you're not able to use with the device. And that does include life safety devices, which is basically smoke detectors and CO detectors. What you are able to use, normal door and window contacts, motion detectors, glass detectors, and so forth. You're just not able to use the smoke detectors or CO. So you definitely want to keep that in mind if you're looking at the 5800C2W. You may have to possibly replace your smoke detectors. Now technically, you could use all hard-wired sensors with the Honeywell Lyric. So if you used up to about 14 different 5800C2Ws, then you would be up to about 126 hard-wired sensors. And technically, you could use the two hard-wired contacts or the terminals that are built into the Honeywell Lyric and that would allow you to be able to use up to 128 hard-wired sensors. Now, do keep in mind that if you go ahead and do set that up, you unfortunately will not be able to use any wireless sensors at all. So if you wanted to throw in any wireless sensors or anything, you might want to cut down those hard-wired sensors that you're looking to set up. But if you did want to do that, it definitely is feasible. Now, when you are setting up a 5800C2W, you are going to want a battery backup to be set up. So that if the power goes out or anything, at least that 5800C2W is still up and going. So those hard-wired sensors will still be up to work. If that battery backup dies and there's no power to that device, unfortunately those sensors are not going to be working, and the Lyric will not be able to pick anything up if those sensors are defaulted. Now, we also do sell a 5800C2W kits, which basically comes with the 5800C2W, the power cable, battery backup, and the transformer. We do have it on our sites if you wanted to take a look at it. And if you were going to be setting up those two last zones that are built into the Honeywell Lyric, you might as well use the Honeywell 5816 door contact, which is basically a sensor. It's a wireless sensor that has two hard-wired contacts built into it. So you can wire that sensor to the device and then be able to wirelessly program it to the Honeywell Lyric. If you didn't want to do that, then you are going to have to make sure it's on loop one to be able to use it that way. And that is how many 5800C2Ws you can use with the Honeywell Lyric system. 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