ADT SafeWatch Pro 3000: Reason to Upgrade PROM Chips

ADT SafeWatch Pro 3000: Reason to Upgrade PROM Chips


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With this system that was older, this one was the one that was from 2007. The PROM chip is what was required to make it work with Total Connect. The best part about the PROM, the only thing that changes by changing this PROM out is the ability for the panel to support Total Connect 2.0. And what that means for you, the DIYer, is that you will not have to completely reprogram your system. So the zones, the user codes, the system parameters, everything that's set in your panel programming, will stay the same. You won't see any change in behavior from your system other than now you can do Total Connect. That's very important. Because alternatively, if someone is pitching you on an entire new control panel, that would require a whole new wire swap and a whole new programming of these systems. And for anybody that's programmed a Vista panel, you know how difficult it can be if you're not familiar with the programming. So the beauty of the PROM is that it doesn't require any kind of new programming, other than what's required for Total Connect.