Geo-Services Make Your Thermostat React Intelligently


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Programmable thermostats are great for setting day and night schedules, but they don't always reflect your behavior. What if you work from home one day? Or what if you're stuck at the office one evening? The trick is to get your thermostat to always know when you're home, and when you're not. Welcome to Geo-Services, powered by With this innovative technology, your thermostat powered by, reacts to the location of your cell phone. Simply set up a virtual fence around your home and let Geo-Services do the rest. Whenever you leave the fence, your thermostat knows and automatically adjusts to save you money. Whenever you reenter the fence, your house automatically begins to return the temperature to your desired level. No more guessing, no more wasting! With's new Geo-Services, you maximize energy savings when you're gone and comfort when you return, all without lifting a finger. Introducing's exclusive Geo-Services, available at an authorized dealer near you. Make sure your home is powered by