Smart Home App on the Apple Watch Demonstration


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Transcript has created the first Smart Home App for Apple Watch. It uses the watch's quick intuitive interactions to control the connected devices in your home. Here's a quick preview. But first, is your home in a glance. A quick look shows you the status of key devices, like your security system, locks, and garage door. Here's how easy it is to arm your system as you leave. If you forget your garage door, you will feel a discreet tap on your wrist. The actionable notification lets you close it with just a tap. The home screen gives you instant access to everything you need. It's easy to lock and unlock your doors, turn on lights, adjust the thermostat, close the garage door, and even watch live video. And with, you can control everything with one simple touch. Just lock your front door and your home will arm, your garage door will close, your lights will turn off, and your thermostat will adjust with quick but powerful interactions. is the only app you need to keep your whole home under control.