"This service saved our lives" a Testimonial


Get Monitored! One can never be too sentimental. This app saved the life of Randy who was subscribed to the interactive services.


Randy: This is the result of the tornado that hit yesterday. In our panel we got a tornado warning to take cover. Now, that's very significant, because, as you come through the house, this wall's blown down. And down here, to the left, right there, is the door we crawled out of because this wall was blown in on it. And if you walk through this way, you can notice this wall is completely gone. This is our backyard, which was trees and all that stuff. And this is the bottom of the house. The window is blown out, wall completely blown out. Adam: There is much more to security than just what is happening inside your home. With severe weather alerts, we analyze real time information from the National Weather Service to alert people that may be in the path of a tornado, wildfire or tsunami. Randy: Our panel is telling us, "Tornado warning. Take cover." Adam: That same night alerted more than 18,000 homes across Arkansas.The tornado that hit Randy's home was part of a series of severe weather that lasted for several days. Over that time we sent 113,000 alerts to subscribers across 16 states. Randy: This service saved our life.