Alarm Grid Bloopers

Alarm Grid Bloopers


Get a look behind the scenes at some of our video content that didn't quite go as planned.


[MUSIC PLAYING] Clap, and you're good. Great job. Today we're going to set up the higher-- The IQ2, it's a quo-- What the...? Hi, DIYers. Joey from-- Wait, wait, wait, wait. We're going to click this button, and that's actually going to trip it. What happened was that I might have had the keypad too close to the system. I'll move the keypad down a little bit and then try the button again. Failure. So that's if you commute-- wow. [CLAPPING] Wait, wait, wait. Yeah, you're good. This camera. OK. Hi. This is Jerry with the Alarm Grid here. Today we're going to be setting up the Honeywell Lyric to the Wi-Fi. So first-- [THUMPING] [LAUGHTER] So that's pretty mu-- [LAUGHTER] Of course, right? Failure. Failure. Check, check, check. On your security system, your link system, is if is the system is-- The IQ2 panel and the Z-Wave compatibility, right? So. Zigbee. Hmm. Failure. That's pretty much if you can use the I to-- Ugh! Failure. I hope you liked this video. I hope it was helpful if-- make sure-- Failure. Today we're going to be-- OK. In five, four, three, two, clap! Hi, DIY-ers? [CLAPPING] Failure. God! About whether or not the GC3 needs Internet monit-- the GC3 right here, it-- you can-- [LAUGHTER] OK. But you didn't have to cut me off. Now when I hit this, it should load it into the system. Failure. When I hit this button, it should load it into the system. And we did. It wasn't recording the whole time. Hahaha.