Arm Stay vs. Arm Away

Arm Stay vs Arm Away


hey DIYs this is bryce from alarm grid and today we're going to be learning the difference between an arm away and arm stay these are gonna be the two main functions that you'll put your panel on when you plan on leaving or staying in the house arms stay means that all device is set to interior types will be automatically bypass such as motion sensors like into that I said the interior follower interior with delay and things of that nature any devices that I said to parameters or entry axis will be live and set off the alarm arms armed away everything that everything will be live so motions doors windows will set off the alarm automatically and anything set the entry exit will give you a delay this is how you'll be able to set your panel to arm away once you press the security button press security and you choose which one you want the arm in so you can do arm away and into your master code one two three four which is typically the default will put your PIN on arm away mode you'll be prompted with the time to exit the building if you choose arm away or arm stay regardless to disarm all you have to do is press disarm one two three four and you're back to normal that is the difference between arm away and arm state and if this video was helpful please hit the like and subscribe button and if you want any future videos that we release please hit the notification but is by di liars