BDUBS Blazin Hot Sauce Training

BDUBS Blazin Hot Sauce Training


In this video, Michael and James from Alarm Grid act like fools and shove Taco Bell Tacos slathered in Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' Sauce into their faces.


hi-dee-hi wires this is Michael from alarm grid and I'm James also from alarm grid and today we have some blazing sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings and we have tacos from Taco Bell because we figured this would be a fun way to prepare for the challenge that we're hoping to do tomorrow if they will allow us because of covin they may not allow us but we're gonna Siler these tacos in some blazing sauce and see how it goes I have a drink to save me I have a Taco Bell frizzy frizzy James has water which really isn't gonna help them at all but um I guess we'll just open these up ya know this glad we don't have any napkins or anything and see how this goes umm yeah you take this okay yeah and um so we have the sauce here and we don't have a receipt this time cuz the guy was cool and did charge me and I figured yeah yeah it smells hot yeah I figured just dump it all yeah uh-huh here we go and there will use one each we have a third one just in case anybody else in the office wants to try it but um no I'm gonna start with the beef one I guess or no I want to do I want to enjoy it with the chicken one there you go so I'm yeah and I put like a bunch in there oh man this is gonna be messy oh boy that's why I took off the alarm grid sure I didn't want to mess it up okay well we'll do a Cheers alright alright and Cheers here we go wow I just go on record saying is super hot having a lot of pain also thank you it's a hell a lot easier than the chicken tenders last night mmm done we're done I do that like 30 seconds oh isn't that was good Wow yeah it's hot okay okay hmm is it fair for us to clean up our hands I think so at this point okay all right that's bear we got some napkins here but I think we have to wait it out a little bit yeah yeah that was good that was pretty good the Taco Bell tortilla helps a lot very very much and the fact that there's a little bit cheese in there okay lending itself to the goodness than the wing challenge Oh for the tenders that I did last night which you probably won't see that video but okay you time ourselves for five minutes to write that can get like a spot good yeah probably but I can't puncture it right now maybe we should put it to three minutes two minutes of suffering already not now we could be an easy fight hello it stopwatches I'll just time it at 1:45 so forty one forty right now oh yeah so now we shoot for five minutes we can talk about z-wave device limits the 2gig gc3 here okay then it's 232 yeah but that's where local control only um so on the 2gig gz2 at GCT we they have a built in z-wave controller the to get gctv has a z-wave controller but the GC 2 has a standard z-wave controller when you compare a z-wave ends weight plus devices with them and so you compare them to the system and you can control them locally at the panel but if your system is monitored want a career yeah if it's monitored by only 122 devices will be sent over to so whatever 232 - 122 is that's how much is going to alarm comments the first 122 that you have yes thank you pushed over hmm and then the advantage to is that you can do smart teens uh-huh and you can do a remote control so you can pull your lights locks see my thermostat from pretty much anywhere in the world to the Internet pull them up on an app on your smart phone and conclude a smart team automatically based on events or out of schedule which is really cool but once you have that 123rd z-wave device yeah 123rd zeebee advice it'll only be for local control on me and then if you want to have it um if you have like our device you really want you have to go back and delete I know I said so you're down to 121 and make sure all are not con updates so you don't so it knows that you're under the limit then you add that 100.7 device it'll add right in yep I'm gonna go back and add the devices that you deleted so that way they appear trying to tale for local control maybe the size is important that you have them for remote access it's good that I don't have to like really pay Geeko sure in this video I'm just just say whatever I want this is nice oh we got some units what cost a few times we already passed that we're already on pg-13 status you know this is just for company purposes only okay all right so MIT this what's the advantage almost a disadvantage of only having twenty vices right very right so the idea of having a hundred twenty two devices to be able to be monitored anywhere is to have those devices be the most important devices most important entry exits the ones that you really rely on you stay by the camera let's see we do another one okay so we're gonna talk about the number of wireless zones so it's compatible on yeah it does it does go away we recommend number of wireless zones available on the honeywell lyric alarm system now you have 128 wireless zones available on the honeywell lyric alarm system and the system supports a diverse range of sensors it supports its known exclusive honeywell six series sensors which are encrypted they use 128-bit AES encryption and they work great if you're looking for added security you can't snuff those you can't hack those or anything at least they're a very very hard hack but if you have older Honeywell 5800 sensors or you have some 2gig 345 megahertz sensors then um you can compare those with the lyric as well and all of these count towards the wireless doumitt most sensors will only use one wireless zone but there are some like the Honeywell 5800 combo the six combo that will use multiple zones if you want the full functionality and as you're shaking here we got two minutes left when it's time going so slow but no you pair them with the system and it works pretty well so that's how you that's been some easy way advices you would have on your alarm system and we're not doing the Morgans can wait it out for another minute 24 my hands are shaking I can't feel the area around my mouth and I'm very afraid I feel pretty good that what I try to do I suppose he swallowed it so I did I was like just all right that's all over my it would have been harder to get stuff to get hard tacos my legs are shaking I don't think about that yeah thank God you didn't yeah yeah yeah I mean okay oh so that's 350,000 school bill units to the face if you've ever seen the show hot ones sinking up to two million two plus so we did nothing here but they just a little dab on there's no they yeah yeah but in the wings are also cooked in it oh yeah and I asked the guy at Buffalo Wild Wings some and he said most likely win be able to do tomorrow but he did say that they may bring it out as hot as the government get as difficult as possible and we reached a limit well I think we I think we can drink our stuff now thanks I got that fair that fair use okay guys okay I don't care if you think it's fair I know I lied it's gonna be a couple of okay we're gonna do it but time is it oh it's passed my class 145 oh good yeah it's like almost one for you said cheers alright Cheers I'm just going for parchment here let me give them a little bit more of this actually I'm all that that's significantly reduced oh okay it's in my tummy I proven that I can go without this so I'm just gonna go ahead and do it it's kind of save myself a trouble it's in my tummy you feel like an alien it's gonna come out mm-hmm but we did it we did it we did we clicked ass no we got to do set ourselves up if they do those veins oh man they better I really hope they do now I know Julia wants us to get up those device limit videos by doing this one guessing this one takes prize rendering right now oh sweet I'd say this one already up okay I think this one needs to just go up as soon as possible though I think you're right I think okay really I've been messing around for the past hour so I gotta go back to work okay um no I'm so so that's how you eat Taco Bell Taco slattern and um Buffalo Wild Wings blazing sauce a lot of sauce they have to offer yes if you found this video helpful make sure to give it a thumbs up below and remember to subscribe to our channel to get updates on future videos and you any help on Buffalo Wild Wings are blazing sauce or you have any questions about alarm monitoring um send us an email at support an alarm Gurgaon hope you found the video helpful oh good day bye