Bypassing a Sensor in Total Connect

Bypassing a Sensor in Total Connect


In this video, Jarrett demonstrates how to bypass a sensor using Total Connect 2.0. After logging into their Total Connect 2.0 account, the user will see a Sensors option from the main screen. Any sensor programmed with the system will appear on this screen. Each sensor can be individually bypassed.

Bypassing sensors is an extremely common practice when arming a system. If a sensor is faulted, you won't be able to Arm your system. You will need to either restore the sensor or bypass the sensor if you want to arm your system. Sometimes, restoring the sensor can be inconvenient or impossible. In these cases, bypassing the zone instead is an easy option to quickly Arm the system.

Additionally, some users might simply not want a sensor to be active while the rest of their system is armed. For example, there may be a day where the user is a away from their home, but they expect a maintenance person to be coming in and out of their back door. They can bypass the zone associated with their back door, while still keeping the rest of their system armed. No alarm will occur as the maintenance person uses the back entrance, but the system will still go into alarm if the maintenance person snoops around the rest of the house.

A great aspect of bypassing a sensor is that it does not clear any of the settings and configurations for zones. A bypassed sensor will only remain inactive for that current arming session. The next time the system is armed, the previously bypassed sensor will still be active as normal. That way, the entire system will be kept secure. Keep in mind that if you want to bypass a sensor, you must set it individually every single time.

Being able to bypass sensors from Total Connect 2.0 offers great convenience. If a user goes to Arm their system remotely and they find that a zone is faulted, they can simply bypass that zone and arm their system. This can be super convenient if you need to quickly arm your system in a pinch.


Hey, DIYers, Jarrett with Alarm Grid here. Today we're going to discussing how you would bypass the sensor in Total Connect 2.0. Now, when you are bypassing sensor in Total Connect 2.0, you're basically allowing the alarm system to ignore the signals that are coming from that sensor.

So if the system is in an armed state-- armed away mode or armed stay mode-- and that sensor were to be faulted, the system is going to ignore any signals that are coming from that sensor. So it is not going to set off the alarm.

Now, don't worry if you do have any other sensors that are programmed into the system and they're not being bypassed. They will work normally as they would. So they will definitely set off the alarm as they programmed to do.

Now, if you were a business owner or a homeowner and you did have a sensor that is constantly setting off false alarms, or it's in a constant trouble condition, or you just don't have the time to be able to troubleshoot the sensor or whatnot, and you do have to go, you can bypass a sensor so that you don't have to worry about setting off a false alarm.

Now, for this video I do have a sensor program through the Honey Lyric right now. It is programmed as [BEEP]

Side door.

So if you were a user and you did want to bypass a sensor in Total Connect 2.0, you'll follow a couple of different steps. So I do want to add real quick before we jump into that there are certain sensors you cannot bypass in Total Connect 2.0.

You're not able to bypass certain carbon monoxide detectors, certain smoke-- or any smoke detectors-- any life safety devices in general, you cannot bypass those. But normal door, window contacts, motion detectors, glass break detectors-- anything that deals with burglary sensors-- then you will be able to bypass those in Total Connect 2.0.

So now that that is covered, let's jump into how you're going to bypass a sensor in Total Connect. So first you're going to log into Total Connect 2.0. And once you get to the main menu, you're going to look for the option called Sensors. It's normally going to be in the little window where it's showing you if the system is armed or disarmed. You'll see the Sensors option in there.

So once you tap on that, it's going to pull up the different sensors for your system. It does take a minute or two for it to pull up. So just be a little patient with it.

All right, so as you can see, all the sensors have pulled open in our Honeywell Lyric. So as I explained before, we do have a sensor programmed to side door in the Honeywell Lyric right now. So I'm going to be choosing Side Door. And on the bottom right, you're going to press Bypass.

And once you have sent the bypass to that sensor, you are going to get this confirmation. And you're basically just going to press OK on it. And then you're going to hit the Back button on the top left.

So once you go back, you're going to see that it says Disarmed Bypass. It says Arm Away Bypass and Arm Stay Bypass. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to Arm Away our Honeywell Lyric. And we're going to test out the sensor to make sure that it has been successfully bypassed. [BEEP]

Armed away. Exit now. [BEEPING] Armed away bypass.

So as you can see, the Honeywell Lyric has gone to an Armed Away mode. And it does a bypass. So I have the side door sensor in my hand right now. As you can see, we have programmed it to ignore the signals that are coming from the sensor.

And so now I'm going to disarm the system. And then once I have disarmed the system, you will see that the bypass for the sensor has been cleared. And it is going to start working again. [BEEP]

Disarmed. Ready to arm. Time.

[BEEP] Side door.

So now the bypass has cleared. So if you did want to have to bypass the sensor again, you do have to go through those steps to be able to bypass that sensor. And that is how you bypass a sensor in Total Connect 2.0. If you have any questions about Total Connect 2.0 or alarm systems in general, please contact us at or go to our website,

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