Bypassing Zones Using a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Keypad

Bypassing Zones Using a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Keypad


In this video, Jorge from Alarm Grid shows you how to bypass zones using a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Keypad. The Tuxedo Touch serves as a keypad controller ...


hey diy-ers george here from alarm grid today we're going to be showing you how to bypass zones using a honeywell tuxedo touch wi-fi so i'm going to be using this honeywell tuxedo touch right here and the first thing i just want to go over again is that a honeywell tuxedo touch keypad is actually just a keypad it's not an alarm system a lot of people uh whenever they're looking for a new alarm system they'll see the honeywell tuxedo touch wi-fi and they'll say oh can i just get that and add it to my already existing system a honeywell tuxedo touch keypad is basically a keypad that's touchscreen with z-wave capability built-in that you can add onto a vista such as a vista 20p 15p 21ip even a 128bpt yeah so if you guys are interested in getting a honeywell tuxedo touch keypad and want to see if it's compatible make sure you contact us now as far as bypassing zones what does it mean to bypass a zone when you bypass a zone you're telling the security system to ignore that zone no matter if it's in a disarmed or armed state so if there is a zone that you want the system to completely ignore because you don't want to have that zone setting the system off or making the system chime either voice or just a normal chime then you will be bypassing the zone and you can actually do that through the honeywell tuxedo touch screen and right now i'm going to go ahead and show you that so uh the very first thing you'll see at the top of this keypad is that it actually says not ready fault a fault is just simply letting you know that there's a zone a sensor that's currently open it might be a door window motion sensor your garage door if there's a fault you can actually go to the screen where you see the faults we have a video show you how to do that as well and from that same screen you can bypass that sensor or that device so we're going to go ahead and hit security once you hit security there's going to be a button off here to the right hand side that says faulted zones very self-explanatory you're going to go ahead and hit faulted zones and it should bring up any zones that are currently faulted right now i have a simple zone 1 and zone 2 that are currently showing open you guys might have a whole list of them so you guys can actually go in and select and bypass whichever ones you guys want for the sake of the video i'm going to show you guys a couple of different things you can do if you want to select certain zones that you want to bypass you can just click on them it'll highlight it a blue color and then you can just hit bypass selected if you don't want to go in and select one by one and you want to just bypass all of the zones you can just hit bypass all now when you hit bypass all or if you're bypassing the selected zones you are going to need to enter in a code this can be your master code or any other sub-user code that's on the system right so i'm going to use my default master code which is one two three four obviously yours may be different because you guys should have changed it so i'm going to enter in one two three four code entered and then you'll notice that at the very top since i just bypassed all of the zones that were faulted my system is now ready but it's also letting me know it's ready but there's a bypass meaning that there are some devices that have been bypassed all right so that's how you bypass faulted zones but now let's say what if there's a window that's not faulted meaning it's in a ready state and you guys want to bypass that because let's say you like to open the window at night when you're going to bed to let some fresh air in to do that we actually have to go to show zones that will show you every single zone so it's actually going to show you any zone that it's in a ready state or any zone that's in a faulted state so to do that let's say we're at the home screen on the tuxedo touch wi-fi we're going to go ahead and hit security from security we're going to go to more choices which is on the same screen where you saw faulted zones earlier so once you hit more choices there you're going to go to show zones now this screen here will pull up every single zone whether it's faulted or in a ready state now here uh we actually did a little programming to the system and zone one is in a ready state and we have zone two faulted which is why it has that little x mark on it and we seem to have a zone 9 and zone 99 is a panic you don't really need to bypass that but anyways let's say we want to bypass the faulty zone and a zone that's already in a good state which if you take too long it'll back you out so let's go ahead and go to security once more more choices show zones it'll pull in all of the zones and let's select zone one zone two and let's select zone nine um just for the sake of the video now after you do that you're gonna hit bypass selected which is the same button you saw on the faulted zone screen so we're gonna go to bypass selected and same thing it's going to ask you for a code now that could be your master code or it could be your any of the other sub user codes so mine again is defaulted at one two three four yours should be different uh one two three four code entered and then in a moment here you should see ready bypass in a second once it backs me out to the screen yep ready bypass so now i have all of my zones bypassed you can arm the system and it bypass the faulted zones and then whatever um zone that was in a ready state let's say it's your window that you want to open up at night that is also bypass so when you open it up the alarm won't go off so let's say the zones that i bypassed were windows or doors if i arm the system those windows or doors are not going to be protected because the system is ignoring any signals that are coming from those areas or from that specific sensor that sensor that's associated to the zone right um so now what happens if i made a mistake and i are and i bypassed the zone that i didn't mean to bypass you can actually go in back into the security go into the faulted zones area and from the same screen you can go ahead and clear the bypasses you're going to need again a user code the master subuser code i'm going to use one one two three four code entered and now since i bought since i cleared the bypass the zones are going to show faulted again on the system which why which is why you now see it's not ready and it's showing me faults you can go back into the faulted zones and you'll see that these are the faulted and again you can go back in and bypass whatever you need to bypass again make sure when you guys are bypassing you're checking every sensor you don't want to bypass things such as your front door um i would say that's one of the main protected areas that you want to have covered right your front door um so just be careful when you're bypassing stuff because remember the system will be ignoring any um faults coming from that zone so again this is just a quick video showing you guys how to bypass zones on a honeywell tuxedo touch if you found the video helpful make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to the youtube channel and hit that little bell icon to enable notifications so when we upload new content you all get notified again my name is george i'll see you guys next time