Cameras that Work w/ the Lyric and Total Connect

Cameras that Work w/ the Lyric and Total Connect


In this video, Jarrett from Alarm Grid discusses which security cameras can be used with the Honeywell Lyric Alarm System and Total Connect 2.0.


hey diy is jared here from alarm grid today we're going to be going over which cameras are going to work with the honeywell lyric system and total connect 2.0 now there are two different types of cameras that can work with either one of them and that would be the honeywell hd cameras or the honeymoon legacy cameras now as i said they're both going to be able to work now there's a few differences between the two now the hd cameras are comprised of the honeywell ipcam wic-1 uh the honeywell ipcam wi c2 and then the ipcam woc1 and we have the woc1 right here uh this is the outdoor camera that they have and this is an hd camera records at 1080p and it also does have night vision um actually all the honeywell ip cameras have night vision built in so but this is the outdoor camera as you can see this is the little antenna right here this is so the camera can connect to the wi-fi and it does need to connect to power so that you can go ahead and use this camera now we also have the wic-1 this is also a high-definition camera however this one actually records at 720p it doesn't record a 1080p but this is an indoor camera it's not meant for outdoor and it does connect to your local wi-fi now we don't necessarily have the wi c 2 at the moment but i will be showing you a picture of that in a bit so at least you can have an idea of what it looks like but that is also an indoor camera and it does connect to your local wi-fi as well it does also it needs that power source in order to be powered up but other than that it is a very useful camera now the hd cameras are very good especially if you want some good quality picture but there's a few things you want to keep in mind you will not be able to view the cameras on the main panel itself um that goes for all three of those cameras that are named off and the they can only be viewed within total connect 2.0 now if they do pick up any motion detection or if they start recording it will send you notification through total connect but you will not only be able to pull up the live feed or video feed through total connect 2.0 not the main panel now there are the legacy cameras which those are comprised of the ipcam w or sorry pt2 you have the ipcan pt you have the wi 2 wl and wo they all start with ipcam so just abbreviated it but basically we have the ipcam wl right here this is an indoor camera as well you can use an ethernet cable with it if you wanted to but this is not meant for outdoor so you want to keep that in mind the other one is the ipkmwo this is actually an outdoor camera has a little antenna here to connect to your wi-fi you see you have like a metal backing right here to protect against the weather this is a pretty useful camera as well then you have the wi-2 this is an indoor camera has the antenna for the wi-fi and everything basically this is just you know another standard honeywell ip camera and then you have the ipcam pt this is also another indoor camera connects to your wi-fi now we don't exactly have the ipcam pt2 however to give you a general idea of what it looks like looks exactly like this really not much of a difference between the diff between the two cameras they both really look similar but i will also be pulling a picture of that too to give you an idea of what it does look like even though you're already there so uh basically the i the legacy cameras um are not high definition though you want to keep that in mind they're actually standard definition so you're not going to i mean you're going to have some pretty good video feed but they're not going to be as qui as high quality or good as the hd cameras now one good thing about the legacy cameras though is that they can be streamed on the panel itself so if you wanted to pull up a live stream or anything right there at the panel you can go ahead and do that they could also be viewed via total connect 2.0 as well if they start recording or pick up motion it's going to be the same thing you get a notification from total connect and you can go ahead and pull up that video feed if you need to one very important thing about those legacy cameras though that you really want to keep in mind is they will only work with total connect 2.0 and with the lyric panel if they received an over-the-air update that was pushed out a little while ago um this update was the last update that honeywell pushed out to these cameras so that they can work with total connect 2.0 if they have not received this update then they will not be able to work um they're not going to connect to the system not going to work with total connect 2.0 um at that point you would probably have to swap them out with either the hd cameras or another type of camera so the other cameras that um basically not gonna be able to be used or like any dvr cameras or nvr cameras um the arlo cameras are also included with that list um basically if they're not honeywell or if they're not the skybell cameras then they're not going to be able to work with the honeywell lyric now there are other types of honeywell cameras out there that are available but the only ones that can work with the hunted with the lyric or total connect 2.0 are give me the ones that i named off whether it be the legacy ones or the hd camera ones if you get like a honeywell dvr type system those are not going to be able to work either unfortunately so you want to keep that in mind when you're setting up cameras to try to use with the system we do see a lot of people though set up their own cameras and they use total connect and also the other application but whichever one you choose by all means you can definitely do it if you did want to set up the honeywell cameras with your system then you would need to look at a monitoring plan that does include the cloud storage for those cameras to be set up so for instance if you're a alarm grid customer or a person looking to monitor with alarm grid then basically the platinum plan or the south platinum plans would be the ones you can go ahead and choose because those do include that setup for those hd cameras and you can set up about eight cameras on that account it also does include the five sky belt cameras as well if you did want to set that up and the last thing though that i want to add about the legacy cameras and their update if you wanted to see or read a little more information about that update that i had mentioned just follow the link in the description below and i should be able to take you to the faq that we have that explains everything okay so as i mentioned i am going to show you a picture of the honeywell ipcam w or pt2 this is basically the camera right here it is or it does look exactly like the ipcam pt um it basically connects to the wi-fi it is still an indoor camera but this is also a good option if you wanted to have a camera that can pan and tilt so that you can get some different views and different angles for where you're looking at all right and lastly this is the honeywell ipkmwic2 this is the hd indoor camera that you can go ahead and use with the honeywell lyric or actually total connect 2.0 but again you want to keep in mind this will not be able to be viewed directly on the honeywell lyric it can only be viewed within total connect 2.0 and that is which cameras work with the honeywell lyric and total connect 2.0 if you have any further questions about the honeywell ip cameras or alarm systems in general please reach us at support or go to our website if you found this video helpful please like subscribe if you have notifications on future videos please click the bell icon this is jared with alarm grid you have a great day