Can I use a Lyric security system w/o monitoring?

Can I use a Lyric security system w:o monitoring?


hey di wires I'm Georgia laundry today we're gonna be going over whether or not you can use the lyric comb controller without monitoring now the lyric comb controller is honeywell's latest all-in-one system it does have Wi-Fi and z-wave built-in and to answer your question simply yes you can use the lyric ohm controller without monitoring it has an 85 decibel sound or integrated into it which means that if an alarm goes off that siren will go off now what this means is that if you don't have it monitored only whoever is on-site or within range that can hear the sounder the the actual alarm siren going off in the panel will be the only ones that get notified since there is no one being remotely notified because you don't have monitoring now this system you do have the options of getting it monitored however if you want to use it without monitoring you can certainly do so they have an app called my home controller which you can actually find in your Play Store in your App Store whether it's Android or iOS right now the app if you have a smartphone or a tablet you can actually find it in the App Store like I said now what the app does is as long as you have it connected to the same Wi-Fi network that the lyric is on remember it has to be on the same network or else these two won't work with each other when you download the app it's called my home controller you download it now I already have it set up but when you go to download it it's gonna give you a list of steps my naught ematic you links to it because it already knows but when you first download it it's going to give you four steps the first one is going to do is going to have you pair to the Wi-Fi then it's going to have you enter in a code that you see on the lyric just to kind of shake hands with the lyric now this app will emulate the same screen that the lyric is on now with the app you can actually arm disarm you can do everything that you virtually can do on the lyric on the application as well the app you can arm you can disarm you can control z-wave scenes if you have IP cams that stream to the panel so these would be the old generation IP accounts because right now the new generations don't actually stream to the lyric so the old generation stream to lyric you have the existing ones you can actually view the cameras on the tablet or your iPhone as well now the good thing about this app is that you can control the system while you're in the house while walking around you don't have to go to the keypad whether it is mounted at the front door or on your kitchen countertop you can walk freely around the house as long as you have the app open correct the only thing you cannot do on this emulator is do programming you cannot enter into programming and change its own ad zone change entry delays anything that you can do in programming on the lyric you cannot do on the emulator it simply works for just to control the system arming disarming ziwei scenes cameras stuff like that if you want to go ahead and see I can actually arm it right now it is been ready to arm state I would hit security the same way you'd hit on the screen I would do an arm away enter in the master code remember the default Honeywell master code is one two three four unless you or your monitoring company has changed one two three four it puts the system into an arm away start to my exit delay I can go ahead and disarm it using the same master code one two three four and the app works pretty good it works again remember only off of Wi-Fi and it has to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the lyric now if you want remote control of the lyric you do need to be monitored they actually just came out with a new update that enables apple homekit on the Lear controller however in order to get that update I believe you have to have your monitoring company enable it I have not seen any lyrics out there yet that come with apple homekit enabled or with the firmware update on it that has a balloon kit I believe from what I've seen from our customers it has to be sent down from your monitoring company and that way you can actually control your system for you Apple lovers and iOS lovers you can actually control your lyric controller from apple homekit however if you're already monitor you can just control it with Total Connect which is the remote control interactive services for the lyric controller which most drink companies do support now if you guys have any questions whether about monitoring services for the lyric or if you can just use it without monitoring fee feel free to email us at support at alarm grid comm if you found this video helpful make sure to hit like underneath also subscribe to our YouTube channel and enable notifications that way whenever we upload new content you guys are notified again any questions email us at support at alarm grid comm I'm George at alarm grid thank you guys very much I'll see you guys next time