Can I Use Wired Contacts on a Qolsys IQ Panel 2?

Can I Use Wired Contacts on a Qolsys IQ Panel 2?


The Honeywell 5816 and the 2GIG DW10 support only Normally Closed wired contacts.


I do is joy from alarm grid and today we're going to talk about how to add hardwired sensors onto a koalas iq2 system now we have our koalas iq2 mounted right here and out of the box it's actually only compatible with koala sensors those sensors are going to work on the three 19.5 frequency and they will work with the system as soon as you power it up a part of me they also work or the system is also compatible with inner logics and GE sensors as those also work on the three 19.5 frequency with koalas they have two different types of sensors they have the regular sensors and they have their estline sensors the estline sensors provide encryption over their wireless communication the regular sensors do not now the reason I mentioned in this is because within the regular sensor lineup and within the s-line sensor lineup there's a device that will allow you to integrate hard-wired sensors to the to wireless and then send it back to the system and the system also has different ways of integrating different wireless converters to work with it which I'm going to explain so within the koalas sensor lineup there are different devices that you can use to convert hardwired sensors into wireless ones I have two of them right here and this is the hardwired eight and the hardwired 16 the eight allows you to convert eight hardwired zones in the wireless zones and the sixteen allows you to convert sixteen hardwired zones in the wireless zones let me take it out of the box so you can get a better look of what the device looks like so this is the 16 s this converts 16 hardwired zones into wireless zones as you can see well not as you couldn't see but as I can see because the words are too small these two terminal blocks on either side these are going to be where your actual zone wires land on to on the sides of the terminal blocks and in fact around all the screws on the entire device everything is labeled and it's going to tell you what to do I can see that it says which zone is what for each of the screw pairs going around the whole thing on the bottom you'll see that it has its power input there's two auxilary ground outputs and then you we have a siren out on this device too it's a very versatile device and it's great to use the 8's on the other hand it doesn't have as many features as this in fact let me show you what it looks like I have it right here so as you can see the 8's it has much less options when compare it or the 8 rather has much less options when compared to the the 16 you have your zone terminal block right here which you can land your hard wired zones on to and you have your power input but as you can see it doesn't have those two ground outputs and it doesn't have the siren out so if you do require those features make sure to pick up the 16 or the 16s for your conversion what that means is that they'll work exactly the same they're just going to be encrypted when communicating with your IQ to system and they work great the Koala says IQ 2 does have 2 hardwired terminals that are on the board and you can connect to burglar devices to the system you won't be able to use any smokes CEOs heats or life safety devices as these terminals don't support those kind of devices and also the system itself doesn't have any power output so if you have a wired motion detector or a wired glass break that's gonna need a 12 volt power supply or very likely it well this system will not be able to provide that power to it and you'll have to use an auxilary power supply if you use a powered burglar device off of the system for these reasons the system is really if you're going to use the terminals on the system that is it's best to use them just for a door what no contact and in in the event that it's convenient to actually connect that to where your mount in the panel in many instances where you do swap a system with this panel this is going to go where the keypad is in the front of the house and a lot of times the front door has the wires going through that keypad cut out in the wall and it's super easy to connect it to the system in that event it's great to use there's only one other downside to using the onboard terminals for burglar devices and that's that they require a four point seven K resistor now this resistor you won't have this in the box as Qualis doesn't ship it with the system but if you go online and you search a four point seven K resistance Amazon eBay or Google you're going to find it in many different setups it's going to be in kits and you're gonna be able to buy it by itself just keep in mind if you do use the terminals on the system each one that you use is going to need 14.7 cater now the different manufacturers do have some other hard wired to wireless converters and you can use with those with the system but as I said before the Qualis is only compatible with sensors that work on the three 19.5 frequency and many other manufacturers use a different frequency for their devices I have a couple examples right here one of them is a Honeywell 5800 Eilis sensor the sensor has a magnetic reed switch on the side of it so it can work with the magnet but inside of the sensor and I'll open it up so you can see there's a terminal block what this terminal block allows you to do is land a hardwired sensor onto this sensor and then the sensor can send that wirelessly back to your panel now this device works on the 319 point or on the part of me on the 345 frequency so it's not directly compatible with the IQ to a similar sensor - this one is the DW 10 this is a 2gig sensor it's almost exactly the same as the 5816 and that it has a reed switch that works with a magnet and it also has a hardwired terminal that you can attach a hardwired sense or two and then program it back to your system but both these sensors aren't directly compatible with the IQ 2 what you can do to make them compatible with your IQ 2 is that if you already have an IQ 2 mounted in your house there's a translator called the IQ translator 345 and what that's gonna allow you to do is can convert signals that are on the 345 frequency to the 3 19.5 frequency which will then let them work with your closest system why would you want to do something like this let's say you're in a house and you're installing a new system and there's a whole bunch of Honeywell sensors like the 5816 sensors installed instead of spending all the money to replace every sensor in the house you can simply get the translator and that will convert all the existing sensors to work with your khalsa system it's going to make a takeover much much easier there's one other option to going forward this isn't for people that already have a closest system as these daughter boards aren't going to be released to be individually installed in the systems they're gonna come with new panels the IQ 2 has three slots on the system where closest said they're going to be installing daughter modules now what these modules are going to do is allow the system to work with specific sensors so instead of installing an IQ translator can convert all the 345 frequency sensors in the house you could purchase a koala psych you two with the 345 daughterboard module installed and then those sensors are going to work right with the system so if you do have any converter modules or if you have hardwired sensors that are being turned into wireless and that's already working in the future you'll be able to buy a koala stand stall it and they'll be able to be programmed right into your panel and that's how to convert hardwired sensors into wireless ones on your koalas IQ too if you do have any questions about this about the koala society - converting or even other options for converting feel free to give us a call eight at eight eight one eight seven seven to eight send us an email to support at alarm grid comm head to the website jump on chat contact us however you like did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe if you want to be 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