Can Self-Installed Lyric Alarms Be Monitored?

Can Self Installed Lyric Alarms Be Monitored?


hey DIY is doing here with alarmgrid today we're gonna be going over can a self installed lyric system be monitored quick answer is yes a self and so lyric system can be monitored by any alarm company that offers alarm net monitoring can be reviewing basically how you set up that monitoring for the lyric what's required what the lyric can and cannot do so on and so forth so to start the system can be monitored pretty much right away as it does come in with a built-in Wi-Fi communicator within the panel most panels you have to install some type of communicator be neither Wi-Fi or GSM or cell the lyric has the Wi-Fi built right in so basically right when you take it out the box you can open it up hook it up power it up connect it to your network contact alarm company and get monitoring right away very very easy very hassle-free lyric is a very very easy system with that so that's a big plus as mentioned you can also install a cell module into the panel the lyric supports a 3G cell module from AT&T it used to support a CDMA module from Verizon but they're kind of getting rid of that right now so we're not really too hot on CDMA anymore but now it is supporting LTE as well which is the newest and most fastest cell communication so the cell module actually gets installed pretty simply into the side of the panel this device right here is the cell module you basically pop that in there and then you have dual path communication from the lyric meaning if the Wi-Fi network out your area drops or if your power goes out and you have no network you have no internet the cell module in the lyric kicks in continue to send out signal so that way you're not just in the dark and you don't have a local noise maker it's actually still sending out signal even if you don't have power and even if you don't have Wi-Fi the backup battery on these lyrics so say if the power goes out the standard one is about four hours so meaning it's gonna hold the power for about four hours and so it dies and you can get super extended ones which go up to 24 hours meaning once power has gone out that battery is gonna run this lyric for about 24 hours until it dies the latter is a little bit more rare unless you're an area that experiences frequent blackouts and brownouts the four hour one seems to be suitable for everyone as a and power outages only about 20 minutes or so so the lyric can support up to eight Honeywell IP cams and you can view four of them locally on the panel out of time it's very easy to set these up you basically just have to connect these cameras to the same network as the lyric and you can find it through there the newer camera is the c1 the c2 and the wo c1 which are the newer lyric cameras cannot connect to the lyric ironically those only support Total Connect so pretty much through the Total Connect application you set those cameras up but you never set up with the actual lyric system itself they go directly to the application the lyric also does support z-wave it has a z-wave module built right in again you don't have to install anything extra it's just right out of box you can do z-wave z-wave is home automation devices such as lights locks thermostats dimmers motors anything that you can control remotely if you've been to any local store Best Buy brands more anything like that you've probably seen it in some of the aisles though you should have displays on it showing oh you can change this light with your phone that's e waive the lyric can support up to six C wave femoris X as well as six locks pretty easy to set them up you just go through the inclusion process on the lyric we do have plenty of videos as well as bounce about that on our website the lyric also does support garage door opening with the fifty eight seventy seven relay a similar setup it's also easy wave setup so you set that up going through it there's also tilt sensors that you can get so if you wanted to be notified when the garage door is open or closed you can set that up in conjunction with the 58 seventy seven and then you have garage control as well as notifications when it's open or closed for monitoring the lyric is mainly set up with the Total Connect application not many companies offer the application by itself we had longer ado as ourself plans if you've been to our website you probably seen those there it basically means when you set up monitoring with it on a cell plan you have Total Connect you're getting notifications but no one else will so if your alarm is going off your phone will be notified either by email text or a push notification however there will be no live calls and no one sending for the authorities you have to do it directly by yourself there are also plans that have central station included Central Station are the operators that do contact the authorities have needed they call you if the alarm goes off to see if you're okay that can't be set up with the lyric as well fairly similar I mean not really ain't changes once again and see they're communicating through the Wi-Fi module that's built-in or the installed cell communicator or dual path if you have both yeah I mean the lyric is a pretty good system we don't really see too many issues with it programming on the lyric is very very simple it's as simple as just faulting the sensor a couple of times in your programming in and automatically as mentioned we do have more videos about that as well on our site as well as our YouTube channel and if you did want to learn more about the lyric about monitoring or really about anything else check us out WWL on your comm and if you did like this video please like and subscribe and hit the bell out of the bell icon to be notified if we release any more content in the future thank you very much naviga day