Convention Opening Session

This year's security conventions were incredible. The newest technology will be on display for all to see including the Honeywell L5100, Tuxedo Touch, and more.

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This year's security conventions were incredible. The newest technology will be on display for all to see including the Honeywell L5100, Tuxedo Touch, and more.


I’d like to start off by saying how excited i am to welcome you to the 22nd first alert conveniton of 2011. I’m here today to bring you the latest installment of technology to help bring you and usher you into the age of information and lifestyle offerings. And this is the Tuxedo Touh, and those of you who were at the demonstration last night probably saw a really cool demonstration of it. This is not only a 7- inch touch screen that can work with our vista line of technology, it’s also a web server that can allow you to access home control on your home network from any internet enabled device. This is a huge groundbreaking device for us and we’re very lucky to have it in the development stages right now.

We’re also launching a 3g, 4g combination communicator early next year to help bring longevity to your install base and into your service base.

So we’re bringing simple back. And what does tha tmean to you? I still believe and alway shave believed that while I like to talk about the big sexy systems the small systems are what really drive our industry. The small retailer of these videos and access. The Doctors office, the small restaurant, the quick-serve restaurant. All of those places are what drive most of our busiensses. We’ve devleoped products that you can predict how long it will take to install by adding simplicity back into the products to make them just work and get rid fo that complexity. So we can all go focus on that stuff that we’re really good at: protecting people, protecting properties, saving lives.

IN an access, the first product was released at about this time last year in this event is NETAXS 123, a truly simple access control product. 100% web enabled, your customer, nor you no longer need a PC to operated it, it’s operated over the web. Super easy to install so a one door, two door or three door system expanded with easy modules tha tplug right in to the main circit board. End of August we launch our MAXPRO NVRXE, an entry level 4-16 camera NVR. I’m not going to go through how many frame rates. It’s got enough frames, it’s goe enough storage. What’s special about this product and I challenge you to test me on this, is it’s three mouse clicks to video. I power it up, I click go, I click ok, I click finish .And within 10 minutes of taking that video out of the box and powering it up I have video being stored.

We’ve now reach the point where 70% of households are now with a broadband connection, and the second thing is the smartphone. We talked about it over and over again. Last year there was some number over 40%, now it’s up to over 50. And we actually have a number of 65% for people between 35 and 45. So where we just were a few years ago we’re now in a position where every single person has access to the proverbial cloud and th eportal is in their and. We literally have more computing power in our hands than people wne to to the moon with.So whether we want to swatch our kids, our elderly parents, our pets, all the great stuff we can do the reality of it is we’re not relaly oding it yet. The tools are there it, the tools are here, the dd cheat time are hear. I hear great success stories. But accross the board, in general, it is a fabulaous time. It is the best time to be in this industry. The sky is the limit.

Thank you for being here, thankyou for your busines, and theank you for allowing Honeywell and first alert to be the greatest program of its kind in the industry.