Demonstration of WIN PAK SEPE 3.0

Honeywell shows off the new WIN PAK user interface and everything that it supports. The new WIN PAK is hugely integrated, and will enhance any security system!


Honeywell shows off the new WIN PAK user interface and everything that it supports. The new WIN PAK is hugely integrated, and will enhance any security system!


What’s new about WIN-PAK SE 3.0 and WIN-PAK PE 3.0 first thign here is that we have natve NetAXS integration. All the features we have here with NetAXS, are now available through the WIN-PAK user interface. We also support the NS2 panel. So customers who have NStar systems, there’s no longer this big cost of barrier to upgrade from NSTAR to WIN-PAK. No longer require that NS2 upgrade kit. What’s also exciting abotu the NetAXS support is that I’m not able to support all the different types of reader modes. Reader modes such as supervise required. You notice that the top LED ther eis flashing. That means that it’s requires a supervisor to get in so if I used my normal card, this person doesn’t get in. But if i use a supervisor card he gets in. This guy gets in. And now that the supervisor is in the building, the supervisor will go over into the intrusion and disarm the intrusion and disarm the intrusion system. You can see that it’s now deactivated.With the deactivated, I’ll use my standard card can come into the system. Now, this allows them to only require supervisor on-site before normal card can come in. If a normal card is presented now, you see that they can get into the ysstem. If the supervisor leaves early for the day, they can present their card 3 times, and now what will happen is it will send an arming command to the intrusion system. The intrusion system is now being armed. And as it’s being armed, the system is also changes the mode of operation of the reader. So the reader now requires a supervisor again to come in. So as you can see its flashing. This is only one of several diffefrent modes of operation available with the NetAXS support. Other modes of operation such as lock down lock out, card only, card or pin only, all of those different modes of operation coul dbe easily programmed just as I’ve done here. Not only cna an event, sucha s an alarm input pon tor a video event cause these conditions to occur, but you can also put them on a schedule. SO, for example, at midnight til 6am, you could actually program the system to go into a lockdown mode so nobody could get into the system during those hours. Another feature that netAXS allows is a VIP card mode. A VIP card allows only access and it doesn’t care about the mode of the reader. So a VIP person might be a first respodner to a facility they grab that card and they can go to any reader in the system regardless of the mode of operation o fthe panel.

Another really exciting thing bout WIN-PAK 3.0 is that it comes automatic with video integration, so right now with our 3.0 it come with our MAXPRO NVR integration. So now you get that IP HD quality images. So for example if an event happens, live video pops up on your screen.

And if you ahve more than one event, it automatically resizes for multiple views. Youc an have up to 16 views in that screen. So in this case, we’re looking at live video from our call center in Louisville kentucky, and we’re in Florida.

WIN PAK is a powerful software solution with video access and intrusion integration. And now it’s even more robust with our IP offering with MAXPRO NVR.