Enabling the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Built-in Glass Break Sensor

Enabling the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Built-in Glass Break Sensor




hey di wires I'm George from alarm grid today we're gonna be going over how to enable the built-in glass break detector on an IQ to quotas panel - this is gonna go the same for the IQ - plus as well so basically just so you know the IQ - and the IQ - plus both come with a built in glass break detector what this does is it actively listens for the sound of glass breaking while the system is armed there are some sensitivity settings that we will need to play around with as if you have it on a normal sensitivity there have been some personal experiences where we've seen that any normal sound may be like a clap may set it off so you want to make sure when we do learn this in just say you guys avoid any false alarms we try to set it to the lowest sensitivity possible if you guys want to keep it on normal you certainly can again this is gonna do this is gonna vary depending on every different depending on where you have it installed and depending on after different household all right so the quickest way to enable this glass break detector in the system is going to be by going into the Installer settings so what I do first I'm gonna slide my finger from the top of the panel down I'm gonna hit settings that brings up my settings menu I'm then going to go to advanced settings and I'm going to use my installer code my default installer code because the panel is defaulted is one one one one yours may be different if you have changed it though so I'm gonna go advanced settings enter in my installer code 1 1 1 1 I'm gonna go to installation in the top left and now instead of going to devices what you need to do is actually go to installer settings to enable this built in glass break from here if you scroll all the way down we're not all the way down but towards the bottom you're gonna see one option says panel glass pool sorry click the wrong one it says panel glass break detector it underneath it'll say that it's disabled if you just click on it it'll take you to the zones or it'll take you to the zone information so what it does is it grabs builting glassbreak ID and it inserts it into the next available zone so if you have zones already learned in it's just gonna learn it into the next available one so the sensor ID you don't want to touch that you want to leave that alone sensor type it's a panel glass break so we're not going to touch that either the sensor group this is where we're going to either have it to glass break away only or glass break now you're gonna see one says a way only and the other one says just glass break a way only means that the sensor will only be active while the system is armed wait this is gonna help you prevent false alarms because if you do the sensor group 13 which is the normal glass break that means that the sensor will be actively listening for glass break while not only armed away but armed stay so the reason why I recommend not to do the 13 sensor group 13 for the built-in glass break is because if you guys do an armed state and you guys are in the house and you guys like I said this the actual built-in glass break on this is very sensitive it's not like a normal glass break that it has like the Flex card it listens for the actual thump and then the glass breaking this is just a microphone in the panel listening for the sound of glass breaking so any little thing may be able to set it off and again this is just from personal experience so we try to leave it as away only as we really only want to detect glass breaking while you're away from the house especially if you're using the built-in glass break so one thing you'll notice if I do away only I'm gonna have the option of doing sensitivity level normal or low we recommend switching it to low just to again avoid any false alarms now you'll notice if I do set it to glass break the only sensitivity because it knows that you it may be active in arms stay the only sensitivity level that it gives you is the low so yeah if you do nor the normal glass break which means it's enabled while the system is armed way or stay it's only going to give you sensitivity level low if you do glass break away only which is the waited prevent false alarms you can actually toggle between normal and low sensitivities and again we recommend going too low the sensor name you can leave as panel glass break and then the chime and the voice prompts you don't have to worry about those either obviously if you wanted to add chime it actually does not give you any options to and the voice prompt does not give you any options for that either so chime and voice prompts you will not actually be able to change after you're done doing all of this so really the only thing you're gonna change is the sensor group and sensitivity level after you're done you're gonna hit save it saves it into my I only have one zone in the panel which is zone 1 and it learns into that next available zone you can either hit the HOME key to bring you back to the main screen and you'll see this system says disarmed one thing I did want to show you guys I'm gonna go back to that screen so pull down settings advanced settings I enter in installer code 1 1 1 1 installation installer settings scroll down if you guys disabled it all you have to do is just click it when you guys enable it again it takes you to the default zone settings which again is set to a way only and normal those are the default settings that it sets it automatically to you can go ahead and hit save and again just back out to the home screen so I just wanted to show you guys what it actually defaults it to alright so now that we got the internal glassbreak program then now we're actually gonna go ahead and test it so to test this all we have to do is slide on from the top to show our menu settings we're gonna go ahead and hit on settings you can what you're gonna do is go to advanced settings and you can either enter in your dealer code or installer code so it's either going to be 1 1 1 1 or 2 2 2 2 I'm gonna enter in 1 1 1 1 now again this is because my system is defaulted your codes may be different depending if your company has changed them or not from here we're gonna go to system tests after system tests you go ahead and go to panel glass break test now this will show you the screen it'll say it'll have a clap test glass break simulator test and a glass break alarm test mode if you want to make sure that it's actually listening for a clap you can go ahead and hit run it says that the circle will turn yellow indicating that the panel has listened and has heard a clap again remember it's very sensitive so anything could trigger it as you see I haven't even clapped yet and the yellow circle is turning on now if I clap it'll turn yellow I can reset it and this is just so you guys can see that it's actually reading the glass break so I'm gonna hit run I'm gonna need a clap and then enable my glass break sound so I'm gonna go [Music] there you go so it takes a little bit of tries but I clapped turned yellow as soon as I clapped then I hit the glass break sound and it turned green to say that it detected glass break now if you want to test it while the system is armed you can go ahead and do the glass break alarm test mode this is basically going to put the the test alarm signal is going to go to the Central Station if you guys are being monitored and then the glass break detector will be put into test mode for 15 minutes so if I go ahead and hit start it just gives me direction of what I need to do right so it says I need to arm the panel away I need to activate the glass breaks emulator the panel is gonna go into an alarm mode and send a signal to the Central Station and then the panel will exit the test mode after 15 minutes dr. the 15 minute test period has has expired right so I'm just gonna go ahead okay hit the home button I'm gonna armed my system away I'm gonna open up a door remember if you do an arm away and you don't open up a door or an entry/exit zone the system will go into arms stay yeah and depending on how you have the glass-break programmed in it may not be enabled during it got during an arm stay or an armed away so it depends how you program it which is what we went over earlier so I just got to wait these last 30 seconds and it is gonna get pretty loud so I will try to disarm it as soon as it goes off all right let me get my glass break sound ready okay so five seconds left yes the system should go into an arm away and now I will test the glass break so this sound here I'm using the small mp3 file that I just had on my phone you guys can use if you guys just go into YouTube and you type in glass breaks out you can actually use a video like that and just clap all the glass break is going off to enable the you know the thump and then the glass breaks on which is what's going to enable it so if I hit this yeah it's pretty loud my ears are ringing so it went off as you can saw I entered in the default master code which is one two three four and yeah that was a quick way how to program it and how to test it if you guys do have any questions you can always email support at alarmgrid calm if you guys found this video helpful make sure that you hit like underneath subscribe to youtube channel and enable notifications that way whenever we upload new content you guys are notified my name is george from alarm grid i'll see you guys next time my ear is still ringing