A Partitioned IQ Panel 2 Plus: Entering Programming

Entering Programming On A Partitioned IQ Panel 2 Plus


In this video, Jorge from Alarm Grid shows you how to enter programming mode on a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus Security System that is using partitions. Once the system has partitions enabled, then you are required to enter a code upon first accessing the system, regardless of whether you are attempting to enter into programming. Based on the code you enter, your authority may be restricted, and you may be required to provide an additional code to access programming. But if you provide a code that has the proper authority, such as the Installer Code or the Master Code, then you will be able to get into programming right away, without providing an additional code.

Programming is used to make major changes on the system. You use programming mode to enroll new sensors and delete existing sensors from the system. Programming is also used to change the Sensor Group for any sensor enrolled with the system. The Sensor Group determines how the system responds when a sensor is faulted or activated, so changing this setting can have a big impact on how the system is used. You can also change other important system settings, such as timer settings, access settings, and much more.

Partitioning refers to the act of sectioning-off an alarm system into different segments. By doing this, part of the system can be armed, while the rest of the system remains in a disarmed state. This can be very helpful if the system is being used as part of an office, a multi-family home, or any other segmented location where it is useful to be able to arm one portion of the building, while keeping the rest of the building disarmed and readily accessible. Remember that you must enable partitioning for the system to begin using the feature. There are up to four (4) partitions available on the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus System.




Hey diyers, Jorge from Alarm Grid. Today, I'm going to be showing you guys how to enter programming on a partitioned IQ Panel 2 Plus. First thing I want to go over is what is an actual partition for those of you who are using this. A partition is a sectioned off part of your alarm system that is individually controlled or separately controlled from the rest of the alarm system. So, for example, let's say I have a shed in my backyard, I have a detached garage, and I have a work office in my house, and I want each of the sensors in those areas to be on their own separate partition. That-- when you set those sensors on their own partition and you can actually create user calls and you can get very in-depth with it, but basically you can make those sections separate from the rest of the house. If that's something that you guys wanted to do. And today, I'm going to be showing you guys how to get into programming, to enable partitions, what changes on the panel when you enable partitions and some things to look out for. So the very first thing you have to know, in order to get into programming if you're on a partition IQ Panel 2 Plus, you need to have either your installer code or your dealer code. Now, these two codes are important for adding in sensors, enabling and disabling certain features on the system that have to do with chime, supervision, just pretty much everything that the system could do, those settings you'll pretty much find in installer code settings and in the dealer code settings. The installer and dealer codes, they-- when you have the panel brand new, they're defaulted, the installer code is 1111 and the dealer code is 2222. If you have the system, you're trying these codes and it's not working, either you may have changed them and may have forgotten about it, or your actual alarm company maybe have changed them as well. It all depends on who you use. Us at Alarm Grid, we usually like to leave these codes defaulted just because-- in case anything ever needs to be changed, we can help you guys out very easily. And in case you forget it, we know the default code, so just make sure you have your installer and dealer codes, they are very important for you guys to have whenever you're looking to add in your own devices. So, right now, I'm actually in my installer partition. But basically, what's going to happen when you guys do settle partitions, you're actually going to see here it says PARTITION1. I can scroll up PARTITION2. I can scroll up PARTITION3 and PARTITION4. I want to show you guys real fast how to enable partitions, before I get into some specific details on this. So you need to know your installer code, and you're going to hit the little button at the top of the panel. You're going to go to Settings. And when you go to Advanced Settings, mine's not going to do it because I'm already in the installer partition. But if you guys don't have partitions enabled, it is going to ask you for your installer code or a dealer code. That's where you are going to enter in the 1111, or the 2222, or if none of those work, you need to get the code from your company. All right? So, we've entered in the code, it brings us to this screen here. This is actually our installer menu, our dealer menu has maybe two other options at the bottom there. Not to worry, we really just need to look at installation, which is going to be on the top left. After you go to Installation, you're going to go to Installer Settings. Here's where you're going to enable Partitions. You're going to scroll down, it's towards the bottom here. I don't want to miss it, there you go. Partitions. If you don't have Partitions enabled, you're going to have a blank box. My Partitions are enabled. So, let's say I turned it off real quick-- I turned it off real quick. If you're enabling it, you're going to get a little box. Yours will probably say, are you sure you want to enable partitions? You will say yes, I'm just going to hit cancel because I don't want to mess up the partitioning that I created. And then from there, it'll bring you out to the main screen. Now, something important about partitions is if you guys are adding in sensors and-- there's four partitions by the way, that the IQ Panel has and the IQ Panel has to be on firmware version 2.3.0 I believe, or higher. But basically, if you guys don't have any sensors in any partitions, the partitions will not appear. I actually went in and I added in the sensor for each partition, so you guys can see all four of them. But if you guys don't have sensors added in under any other partitions, they will not appear. So if all your sensors are on the PARTITION1, you will not have the option to scroll down to PARTITION2. Select alarm system type. Oops, PARTITION3 or PARTITION4. All right? So, you have to have a sensor if you want to control the partitions. One other thing that's going to change, when your screen goes dark-- let me show you an example. Lock screen. When your screen goes dark, right? Let's say there's a time out, after a couple of seconds your screen goes black. The way that it changes now is you would have to tap on the screen to bring up a pad, and on the pad it's going to ask you to enter in your code. This is where if you're looking to get into programming on a partitioned IQ Panel 2 Plus, here's where you would enter in your installer or your dealer code. I can do 1111 and it'll will say good morning installer. And then from there, it will take me to my installer screen. And again, it's only going to ask you for that code upon wake up, only if you have partitions. If you don't have partitions, you do not have to worry about that keypad showing up. Let me show you guys again real quick. So since I'm in Installer menu already, I can just go to Settings and Advanced Settings, it's not going to ask me for a code because I already entered in my code to unlock the panel. But let's say-- let me go back to the main screen here. Let's say I lock the panel screen, and I'm going to switch to Partition number two, right? So, I made that code, 1232. That's the code I created for PARTITION2, good morning diyers. And you'll see here now, it says I'm in PARTITION2, I don't have the option to scroll up or down. And I also, am not going to have the option-- if I go to Settings, if I go to Advanced Settings, it's not going to give me the Installer options anymore. That is only given to installer or dealer, and that's when you'll unlock the panel with either of those codes. All right. So, again, the way that you enter the programming menu in a partitioned IQ Panel 2 Plus is one, first you have to have your installer or your dealer code. And then two, whenever it asks you to enter in the code, you just got to enter in the 1111, or the 2222, or whatever your company has changed it to. If you guys have any other questions, please feel free to send us an email to support@alarmgrid.com. If you found the video helpful, make sure you hit like underneath, subscribe to the YouTube channel. And hit that little bell icon, so whenever we upload new content, you guys get notified. I'm Jorge, and I'll see you guys next time.