EPS Security Life Safety Day

Celebrate this day dedicated to life safety and security. EPS hosts a fair to make sure that their community knows how to ensure their family's safety!

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In an effort to promote community safety and awareness of the community's commitment to safety, EPS security hosted an event where they got encouraged parents to get their child's fingerprints and picture taken in case something ever happens to them.


EPS Security has a life safety event here today John Ball park where we’re giving back to the community. At today’s EPS life safety-ville, we have a goal of fingerprinting 500 kids. With each o those 500 kids fingerprints, we’re giving back $10 in a donation to both Kids Food basket and the DA Pelagic at St. Joe. We have not only our employees here, EPS security staff, but we have the whole community here.The public schools, local organizations, it’s a great event. EPS security invited us to Grand Rapids to participate in a print-a-thon program which is a Klaas kids signature pilot id program.

Mark and Violet have done a great job promoting preventive action also the action to take after the event would occur. We want to make sure parents and schools and the staff is aware that our kids, when they leave home is in a safe community ,and when their somewhere going to and from school, there’s a safe environment for them. So we would like for them to understand the safe ways to and from school and give them some tips on how to go to school safe.

My goal for this event is for parents to wwalk awkay and feel a little bit safer. They got the fingerprints of their children, they got pictures of their children. Just to walk away knowing that now, if somethign were to happen they have the start of what they need if an emergency ever occcurs and their kid goes missing.

This commitment today is not only the EPS security team, the commitment to the families of the community that are bringing their kids out here today, they recognize the importance of life safety. So we gotta give a lot of credit today to the safety organizaitons that are involved, bt also to the families themselves for taking part in this event.