Finding the Serial Number on a Honeywell 5800PIR-RES

Finding the Serial Number on a Honeywell 5800PIR-RES

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Finding the Serial Number on a Honeywell 5800PIR-RES


hey di wires I'm George from alarm grid today we're going to be going over how to find the serial number on a 5800 pir-res so first of all I just to start off the 5800 pir-res for add motion detector that has pet immunity capabilities so this is actually the range of this is 35 by 40 feet it transmits out at 345 megahertz frequency which means Honeywell systems and 2gig systems the GC 2 GC 3 both work with these alarm systems so any wireless Honeywell system even if you have a wired Honeywell system now the wireless receiver will work with this and so will too big now the serial number if you guys are looking at getting the serial number in order to program it in there's two ways of doing it the first way is by looking at the sticker that's on the back and I'm gonna get a zoom in of this in a second year and then just in case this sticker ever falls off just remember there's also give me just one moment here let me open it up there is also a second sticker on the inside yeah it's gonna be the same sticker that's on the back that's on the back plate but yeah there's another sticker that's on the inside as well and again if you guys do happen to lose both stickers if they just become undone or anything like that then that's where the second way of an of finding the serial number is gonna come in handy the second way is to actually enroll it into your panel using the auto learn feature you can manually type in the serial number because you won't have it so you're just gonna do the auto enroll feature to do that I'm gonna be actually demonstrating it on the l7000 so the first thing we need to do is get into programming mode I'm gonna go ahead and this is like the arming screen if I go to the home screen you're gonna see these three options you're gonna want to hit security then on the bottom right-hand corner hit more and that brings up the tools icon I'm gonna hit tools and it's gonna ask me for a code you need to enter in the installer code my default is for one one two all right deep installer codes for Honeywell systems are for one one two now yours may be different if you or your monitoring company has change it so make sure you use the correct code accordingly if you use the correct code it'll take you to this screen right here the programming screen I hit program I'm gonna go to zones I hit edit I'm sorry I hit add new and then once I'm in the screen I'm gonna go to serial number once I'm in this serial number screen I have now put the panel into learning mode so I'm gonna go ahead and plug in the battery to my motion I'm gonna close the cover not just a little tip for whenever you guys are closing the covers try to do the top first as soon as that's locked into place swing it down and it locks into place all right now the auto learn feature we actually have to trip the motion so what that means is I'm just gonna place the motion down here and once the motion that detects me three times you're gonna hear every time that the motion detects me the l7000 will give a BP beep confirmation and it'll slowly start adding in and auto learning the sensor so it's gonna first acknowledge you then it's gonna learn in the serial number and then it's gonna give you the loop number and it's gonna back you out to the main programming screen so let me just see here if I can get this motion it's a trip so right now it's in a red blinking mode for the first I think it's for the Fiat for the first ten minutes after the and as you see the l7000 is noticing me so is the motion but this motion goal is gonna have that red blinking light it's gonna be on for 10 minutes this as soon as you plug in the battery it goes into a ten minute test mode or walk test which is beneficial for you guys who are installing it if you guys remove the battery and add it back in the the lights gonna blink any time it detects you so if you guys are walking around the house making sure that it's covering all the areas just remove the battery and plug it back in and it'll go into a ten minute walk test mode now as you saw as I put it there and as I was moving it was detecting my motion so it actually went ahead and entered in all the information into the l7000 just like I said it would and if you look at the serial number on there it should match up with the serial number there zero eight zero nine zero four two yep so those serial numbers match up and that was the auto learn feature now if you guys do have any questions on how else on how to get the serial number if you guys can't get into programming or if you guys need help you can always email us at support at alarm care comm if you guys found this video helpful make sure that you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and enable notifications so whenever we upload new content you guys do get notified i'm george from alarm grid i'll see you guys next time