Frank Outro

Frank Outro


This is Frank's outro video for ISC West 2019. Frank gives an overview of what the team covered throughout the week, and he mentions some of his favorite moments from the convention. Alarm Grid had a good time at ISC West 2019, and we hope you enjoyed the informative videos we uploaded for everyone.


Hi, DIYers. This is Frank at Alarm Grid. And we are at ISC West 2019. We're going to do a wrap up here on the week. We've been here-- this is the end of day 2. And we have met some really great people. It's been our first year shooting with James, our cameraman. And it's been really an adventure talking to all the different reps, getting interviews, talking about the new Z wave technology, the new things in the pipeline for, the booth right behind us. Getting some inside scoop on Resideo, the new Honeywell branding and their plans for their new residential platform. Also talking to Nortek about medical monitoring, whether it be their new Numera products-- also talking about the new encrypted GC3e, which is the encrypted version of their GC3 panel, which will support a whole new lineup of encrypted wireless sensors. And yeah, it's just been a great week. We're going to wrap up here and head back to Florida. And I appreciate you guys checking out our video content. And I hope that you found it helpful, useful, and you learned something about the future of security moving into 2019. We'll talk to you soon.