Honeywell 5800PIR-RES Installation Video

Installing a 5800PIR-RES is easy. Sterling shows us how to do a quick 5 minute installation.

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We have a residential facility where we need to know when residents leave their rooms. I have an L7000 and I need my 5800 PIR-RES to give me a notification when there is movement in the residence but not set off the alarm. I can do this by setting the response type to General Monitor. However, when the alarm is in standby when there is movement it constantly sends notification to the panel, "Activity Detected Living room Motion". Because the system is primarily used as an indoor monitor I need to know (a notification only when the alarm is in stay) when a resident leaves their room but not set off alarm. I a have 5815 on every interior door but at times doors are left open for various reasons so they become ineffective. The 5800PIR-RES would be ideal if I could get it to work how I need it to. Is this even possible or do you need more info? Please advise.
I don't think he would trigger the motion in that case so you should be okay. I can't guarantee it but you can certainly do some testing before you go live with the new sensor.
I do not know the reliabilty of the 5800PIR-RES in regards to the 80 lb pet immunity. If it were to be mounted normally at a 8 ft height facing a window (12ft away), what is the likelihood of a 30 lb dog who who raises up to look out the window setting it off. I currently have a 40 lb immunity motion sensor that he sets off, so I am a little nervous about a traditional mount.
I've never tried putting a motion upside down at that height. You can certainly try to use the walk test mode to install the motion in a way that won't trigger on the dog in the room but will trigger when it's a human. Just make sure to do lots of testing to be sure if you are going to install it outside of the recommended parameters.
Although my dog is only 30 lbs, I am concerned about him setting off the motion sensor. Can I corner mount the 5800PIR, inverted, at four feet from the floor? Also, this location would be about two feet away from a floor vent. Is that too close, possibly cause a false alarm when the heat kicks on? Thank you.
You don't need to install it in a corner. You should just be able to replace your old one with the new one and install it in the same location.
Does the unit have to go into a corner? I upgraded the unit when I moved into my home and the old unit was at 6.5' and not in a corner. Can I just replace the old one with the new one and keep it in the same place or should I move it closer to the ceiling and into a corner?
The 7.5-8' recommendation is based on the angle of the detection zones. It will work best at that height but if you have to move it lower, it should still work. Just make sure to do the walk test to ensure it will still pick up someone throughout the room.
How low can you mount the 5800PIR-RES? You mentioned placing the unit between 7.5 to 8 feet. I have surround sound speakers inn each corner at that hieight and wondered if I could place it below one of them and still get good coverage. Thanks

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This video is about How to Install a 5800PIR-RES


Hi DIY's, Sterling here from Alarm Grid and today we're going to show you how to mount a 5800 PIR-RES Wireless Motion Detector. The 5800 PIR-RES is the motion detector that comes in the L5100PK kit, which is a very popular wireless security system kit, and therefore one of the most popular motions installed for residential homes.

We're going to install ours here in the living room and we're going to choose a corner mount position, so that it gets the best coverage range of the entire room. The tools we're going to need for today; power drill, tape measure, Phillips head screwdriver, four screws and wall anchors, and then, of course our 5800 PIR-RES.

Your motion should be installed 7 ½ to 8 feet high, and so we're going to use our tape measure, and measure our corner here. Our wall goes right up to 7 and 9 inches, so we're going to go ahead, and mount it right up at the top of the corner. The 5800 is made up of two devices, the front, which has the batteries and the sensor and then a back plate, which we're going to use to mount to the wall.

Very simple there's a tab at the top, press in, remove and we're going to use this to mount. We have a 3/16ths drill bit, and our four holes for the corner mount positions, in the plastic. You simply drill through those. We're going to use that to then mark the wall and drill our holes for our anchors and our screws.

The 5800 PIR-RES has a motion mask here and also a look-down zone on the bottom, so it's very important that you orient it in the right position. You'll notice also that the tab is on the bottom along with the look-down, so make sure when you mount it you're using it in that position.

The back plate has the hole for the tab and so we know we got at the bottom for that. It actually also says top right on the plastic, to make sure you don't make a mistake, and we're going to go ahead, and drill right through the back plate into the wall, to also use as our holes for our anchors and screws. We now have our four mounting holes and our holes in our plastic. Now that the holes are mounted, we're going to make them a little bit bigger for the anchors, and simply push our anchors into the holes.

We are now ready to mount our 5800 PIR-RES. Phillips head screwdriver and these are actually #6 3.5 millimeter screws. They're not included with the wireless motion detector, but you could find them at any local hardware store. Now that we have our first screw installed, not fully tightened until we get them all in, we're going to go ahead and do the opposite corner. Make sure our holes are lined up.

We did a pretty good job, they are lined up, and then go ahead and do our last two screws, and tighten them all down. Last screw, we're going to go ahead and tighten this all the way, and do the other three nice and tight, not too tight. We don't want to break the plastic. We are now good to go. Our tab is at the bottom, very important, and we can now mount our 5800 PIR-RES Wireless Motion Sensor.

Now that our back plate is mounted, we have our 5800 PIR-RES. Our battery is installed, make sure again the look-down zone is on the bottom, matches the tab with the hole at the bottom of the back plate, there are two plastic tabs, at the top that fit onto the top of the motion sensor, so you want to put that on first, swing it down and snap it shut.

Now we have our motion sensor installed. Again, Sterling with Alarm Grid, if you have any questions on how to mount your 5800 PIR-RES please, give us a call or email us at