Honeywell 6162V: Using the Chime Mode to Announce System Status


Honeywell 6162V: Quick video describing how to turn on the Honeywell 6162 keypad's chime mode. This keypad allows for very ...


If you want the keypad to announce each time that a protected window or door is open use the chime mode. keypad: fault back door First adjust the volume to on or check by pressing [#]+0+2. Turn on the keypad chime mode by enterring your code and then pressing the 9 button. Once this is activated, your keypad will announce current system status and display any faults. To announce the status press the [#], 0 button, and * key once.System status is then announced. keypad: disarmed ready to arm. To announce faults press the [#] button, 0, and *, And then the * button a second time within 10 seconds of the first press. Then the fault zones will be announced. Keypad:Fault backdoor.