Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS: Compatibility with PROSIX Sensors

Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS: Compatibility with PROSIX Sensors

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[AUDIO LOGO] Hey, DIYers. Jorge here from AlarmGrid. Today we're going to be going over whether or not the Honeywell PROA7PLUS system which is Honeywell's newest system, if it's compatible with the ProSiX-Series sensors. So the quick and fast answer to this is yes. All the ProSiX-Series sensors that are made were made specifically for the Honeywell PROA7PLUS system. Honeywell or otherwise now known as Resideo, when they came out with the PROA7PLUS, they decided to make the Pro, or I'm sorry, the ProSiX-Series sensors, which is a different line of sensors that only works with the PROA7PLUS right now. The sensors that came before that were just the normal SiX-Series sensors which were intended to be used with the Honeywell Lyric. And then before that, before the encryption, you had the normal 5800 Series sensors which used 345 megahertz. So as you see, technology evolves, so do a lot of the devices. So you have the 5800MINIS, you have the SiX-Series, now you have the ProSiX-Series. Now, the Honeywell PROA7PLUS, it is compatible with a bunch of different sensors. I'll get into that later on in the video. But for right now, I just want to quickly touch based on some of the ProSiX sensors that are available right now. In order for the alarm system to work with some of these sensors that are out, you need to make sure that the panel is on the latest firmware. There are some devices that require the panel to be updated. So just as a general practice when you guys are activating the alarm system, you guys should have your monitoring company push down the newest firmware update. It's a free push directly from the server. So shouldn't cost you anything. Or you yourself, if you have the installer core to the system, you should be able to do your own firmware update as well that will bring the panel up to speed. Some of the devices that require the new firmware update are, for instance, the PROSiXHEAT, the Pro repeater, and there's one other device. Basically, just do a firmware update on your system just to be safe. I have some ProSeries sensors here with me today. We have the ProSeries Key Fob. This one, before the old generation where you had the SiXFOB which was for the Lyric, and then you also had the 5834-4 which were for the Honeywell Lynx panels or Vista panels or for the Lyric as well. This would be the key fob you would use for your PROA7PLUS. You can also use the SiXFOB. You cannot use the 5834 with the PROA7PLUS because those require house ID. So a couple of devices that you won't be able to use with the PROA7PLUS are key fobs or life safety sensors from the 5800 Series family. So keep that in mind. I'll touch based on it later on in the video. Some of the other sensors we have are new and improved door window sensors. We have the PROSiXMINI right here which is a bigger sensor and the PROSiXMINI2 which is a second version of it. As you see, this one has a more sharper bezel, and the PROSiXMINI2 is kind of rounded off on the edges. The SiXMINI2 is set to have a longer battery life. Whereas typically, these sensors will last you two to three years, this one is supposed to last four or five years, the battery. So keep that in mind. We also have, there's two key pads that are compatible with the PROA7PLUS. This is just the normal push button keypad. As you see here, its push button has a little LCD display. And then the other one would be the touch screen version that is compatible with the PROA7PLUS. Pretty much it emulates the same screen as the panel instead of having these little push buttons here and a basic message on the main screen. One of the other devices I have here with me today is going to be your hard wired to wireless converter. These are for people who may have moved into a home that have existing wired sensors and you want to upgrade to something newer. With the PROA7PLUS, you can do that with this little device right here. It allows you to connect wired sensors to it. So doors, windows, motion detectors, or glass breaks. No safety, no life safety sensors. So smoke detectors, seal detectors, heat detectors, or sirens will be able to be attached to this. Just doors, windows, motions, or glass break detectors. Anything that's a normally closed device. Now, there's a whole bunch of other PROSiX-Series sensors that are out, like the PROSiX-Series Smoke. There's indoor and outdoor sirens you can get now. Before, some people would get Honeywell systems and they had an outdoor siren and they weren't able to use it because it was wired. Now with the new PROA7PLUS, you actually have the option to add a wireless outdoor siren which is very nice. It has a little strobe light. Same thing, they have an indoor siren. They have PROSIXSMOKES. I'm pretty sure they have a PROSIXCOMBO which is a smoke, seal, and a heat detector as well. And the system, it supports 127 of the PROSiX-Series sensors. Now, the system also supports 123 legacy sensors and that's if you get the PROTAKEOVER module which basically, it's a second data word card that you put into the system that allows it to work with different sensors from other family or manufacturers. For instance, without that PROTAKEOVER module, the system out of the box, it only works with PROSiX-Series sensors or normal SiX-Series sensors. If you want it to work with older Honeywell Legacy 5800 Series, if you want it to work with 2GIG Series sensors, not the encrypted ones, just the normal 2GIG, you can make it work with Interlogix or Qolsys 319.5 sensors. Again, not the encrypted ones, just the normal ones. If you're using S-line Qolsys sensors, those actually transmit at 319.5 0.5 as well. They just won't use the S-line encryption, which is rolling. You can use the 433 Bosch sensors and 433 megahertz DSC sensors as well. And that's if you have the PROTAKEOVER module and you can use up to 123 of them. If you're using the PROSiX-Series sensors, that would be 127. Also, the SiX-series sensors, so the sensors that were originally made for the Honeywell Lyric, those sensors, when you use them with the PROA7PLUS, they actually get a firmware update. And what it does is it allows them, I believe it turns them into PROSiX-Series sensors. Now the only catch is, if you guys decide to change your mind and reuse the Lyric, you cannot use those sensors anymore. So you can't backwards firmware, degrade, I guess if you want to call it that, you can't do that on those sensors. So if you have SiX-Series sensors, you add them to the PROA7PLUS, they'll get a firmware update. And from now on, they'll only work with the PROA7PLUS. So keep that in your mind. Just in case you have a Lyric, you're trying the PROA7PLUS, and you're thinking about switching back, you won't be able to if you do that. Now those SiX-Series sensors and the PROSiX-Series sensors, those are going to use 127 zones on the panel, and 123 zones can be your older Legacy Honeywell, DSC, Bosch, 2GIG, Qolsys, Interlogix. And that would give you a total of 250 zones on the alarm system, which is a bunch of zones for anyone putting this system into their home or business. The one catch I had brought up earlier in the video was life safety sensors and key fobs. Life safety sensors will not work from an older legacy, a family. So if you're going to be doing smoke, seal detectors, heat detectors, or key fobs, you need to make sure you get the PROSiX version of those detectors. So you might have to replace them in your case. So this was just a quick video. I hope it helped you guys out figuring out what sensors are going to work with your PROA7PLUS, if you guys have one. A local programming is now available on the system as well. Some of you guys out there were waiting for that. It's now available. So if you were waiting at that PROA7PLUS, now's the time. If you have any questions whatsoever about the system, send us an email to If you find the video helpful, make sure you hit Like underneath. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and hit the little bell icon so whenever we upload new content, you guys get notified. I'm Jorge and I'll see you guys next time.