Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS: Using with Total Connect 2 0

Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS: Using with Total Connect 2 0

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hi diy-ers george here from alarm grid today i'm going to be going over whether or not you can use the honeywell home pro a7 plus with total connect 2.0 so the quick and easy answer for that is yes the honeywell pro a7 plus actually comes with a wi-fi and a z-wave communicator built into the panel itself that allows you to choose whatever company you like to get monitored with and to get total connect access from so once you have the alarm system monitored you'll be able to log into your total connect account as long as your company has created that for you so make sure you're signing up for the correct plan and uh once that account's been created you guys can log into total connect and total connect is what's going to allow you to use your phone a website a tablet to arm and disarm your system from wherever in the world you can also set up email text message alerts from total connect anytime an alarm goes off sensor event notifications if you guys want to know every time your front door is opened you guys can create notifications for that you guys can control z-wave devices so if you guys add in a door lock a light thermostat an outlet a z-wave plug-in module a garage door controller a thermostat blinds a z-wave water valve again z-wave you can automate stuff endlessly in the house so just make sure you're looking for the correct products the honeywell home pro a7 plus actually has the z-wave built into it so once you guys have that monitored on and with an alarm company and you guys have total connect you can control all these devices as well you can create scenes and rules whenever such and such happens trigger these other devices now the thing with the honeywell pro a7 plus that panel comes with built-in wi-fi z-wave so it allows you to do all that but if you guys buy the base panel just the pro a7 meaning there is no plus that is a stand-alone panel that doesn't come with wi-fi or z-wave built-in so you have to buy these modules separately now not many people are buying that panel just because everybody nowadays has wi-fi and they have home automation that they're adding now the other cool thing with the pro a7 plus is if you buy the panel standalone the only communication path your system is going to be using is wi-fi so that means if wi-fi fails so if there's a power outage and you guys are away from the house and you're trying to you know make sure that the thermostat is fine or that your doors are locked or that the system is still armed if there's a power outage and you guys only have wi-fi on the system then you guys won't be able to use the app because the system doesn't have a communication path to work through the wi-fi is down the power is out the system will still act as a sound maker you just don't have any remote control of the system from total connect 2.0 this is why a lot of people opt to add in a cellular communicator now the cellular communicators come in either verizon or at t now before you start oh well i don't like verizon i like a t customer services and that you guys actually just have to make sure whichever communication path you decide to add as a backup that that has a good cellular signal in the area the monitoring company or the alarm company that you guys go with are actually the ones that take on those cellular fees they're the ones that are activating that communicator that's in the panel so you don't have to go out and contact 18 or verizon and say hey i have a sim card and i need you guys to add it to my plan that's actually the alarm company does that and then they usually that's why the set of year plans if you're looking at them they're usually a little bit higher if you guys are monitored or interested in monitoring with alarm grid we have our wi-fi plans bronze silver south bronze self silver and then we have our cellular monitoring plans where you know you can use wi-fi but they're cellular based meaning they cover the cellular fees and those would be gold platinum self called self planum if you guys are interested if you guys have a pro e7 plus and want to add cellular as a backup gives you more redundancy in the event of a power outage or if the internet not if the internet line outside the house is snipped um you'll still have that backup redundant path that allows the system to keep on working um as far as total connect that pretty much usually is included in most monitoring plans again you just want to make sure you're reaching out to the company that you decide to go with and that they're going to include that for you another cool thing you can do with total connect and the pro a7 plus are video cameras um we do believe that there is going to be a new line of video cameras coming out so hopefully uh we'll start seeing some of these new generation video cameras they're from total connect you'll be able to view those cameras uh you'll be able to view live streams you'll be able to view motion clips um they're motion based cameras so when they detect motion they record 30 second minute long clip they'll send it to the total connect app and then i believe on the new generation cameras you should also be able to enable stream video to panel which means your video camera footage will actually show up on the honeywell pro a7 plus systems screen and then if you guys have the honeywell touch screen keypads which are the i guess you can say secondary or slave keypads to the main panel you guys should also be able to view video camera footage through there as well once that feature becomes available if you guys have any questions whatsoever about total connect about the pro e7 plus any of the advanced features please send us an email to support if you found the video helpful make sure you make sure you guys hit like underneath subscribe to the youtube channel and hit the little bell icon so whenever we upload new content you guys get notified i'm george and i'll see you guys next time