Honeywell IPCAM WL: Review


This video provides a complete review of the Honeywell IPCAM WL indoor day/night home security camera. While sensors are effective at detecting intrusion, ...


This is my personal favorite, the IP Cam WL. This is the newest of the Honeywell cameras. And actually is an affordable option to indoor day and night vision. So similar to the IP Cam WO, and the pan tilt, by the way. We're going to have night vision on this. The price point on this is very attractive for people looking to get video integration with Total Connect and maybe stream it to a Honeywell Lynx panel. But maybe you don't want to go for more of the costly options of the outdoor cameras and are OK keeping it inside. So again, we've got the transformer. We have the extender cable. And we have the Honeywell camera. So this is going to be a little smaller. It has a nice little sleek design, much smaller in size. And has the similar ports as the other cameras do. We have the DC power input. We have the ethernet if you want to hardwire it with your LAN connection you can. It's always recommended if you have the ability to. If not, we can set up the Wi-Fi using the WPS button. OK? All of these cameras, if you have any issues using WPS, which we'll show you in another video shortly, by pressing and holding the WPS button, there is actually a reset. If you press and hold for 12 seconds, it resets the camera completely. And that usually is how you can then try and re-enroll it after that. As technicians, that's the first thing we always do if a camera is not enrolling to a network properly is just press and hold the WPS for 12 seconds. Reset the camera. And then press and hold the WPS button on the router for three. And try again with the press and release on this camera. So after everything is powered up, and you enroll it, you can even just slide this unit right onto the desk mount here. And you would have the ability to tighten this down and orient this however you want. You can toggle it however you want it here. You want the Honeywell symbol facing down so that it's configured up and down properly. And yeah, that's the IP Cam WL. And that'll complete our initial introduction to the IP Cams that Honeywell offers.