Honeywell L5210: Setting Date & Time


This video walk through will show you how to set the date and time on your Honeywell L5210 touch screen control panel. One of the first things that you will do ...


Hi, DIYers. This is Frank at Alarm Grid. And today we're back in the Alarm Grid lab working on the Honeywell L5210 Links Touch panel. We're today going to look at setting the date and time on the system. This is one of the first things that you'll do when you power up your system. So what we're going to do is use the master user code, which by default is 1234, not to be confused with your installer code of 4112. As a DIYer, you may commonly confuse the two. The installer code is used only to get to get into zone programming, deeper level programming. The master code will be used for you to arm and disarm the system, as well as you can get you into the master programming menu. So I'll show you got to do that here in just a second. What we're going to do for starters, hit the Home key beneath the touch screen, and hit Security, More on the bottom right followed by Tools. And we'll enter the master code, which in this case is still on default at 1234. We'd recommend changing that at some point. We can show you how to get into the users and change that in our next video. But for now, we'll go in to Date Time on the bottom left this menu. If it bumps you back to the Home screen at this point before showing you this last menu here, it means that you're not putting in the right master code. If it puts you into this menu, where it says Program, Tests, Rules, Events, and all that in this orientation, that means you're putting the installer code in. It's not the right code. You want to actually put in the master. So we'll go Tools, 1234. We're now in the Master Programming menu where you can see Users, Events, Test, Keypad, Day Time, Reminders, and Slideshow. So we're going to go into Day Time. And first we'll select the year, 2016. It is still January, so January 18th, which is today. We'll hit the Down key to get to the second page. Here we'll select the time here. And we can just put the mouse anywhere in there and hit Clear. We'll then hit 01-- let's see. It's 1:38, so we'll put in 38. The AM here-- there's a little AM-PM toggle that you can press. It's 1:38 PM. Instead of hitting Save, which you might think would lock in the date and time, it's very important that you select the time zone. So by default it's on Eastern time. We'll hit the Down key a second time, bringing us to the third page. We have time zone, which by default is set to Eastern. If you are not in the Eastern time zone, you want to change that. It's very important, because after you reboot it's going to change back over to the Eastern time. If you're not Eastern time, then it's going to keep throwing your time off. So go to Time Zone. We'll set it at what it is. Let's say you're at Pacific time. The Daylight Savings-- we always hit Yes if you have Daylight Savings, unless you're maybe in Arizona or parts of Indiana. And then we can hit the start month. We have as March the second week. End month-- November, first week. Daylight Savings should be set to these. And we'll go ahead and hit Save. And then we can back out to the Home screen. You'll see the date and time listed at the bottom of the screen. 1:38 PM, January 18th it shows here. It will automatically show the date and time after the reboot. You give it a few minutes and it should come back up after the time zone is set properly to your area. If you have any other questions on date and time, you can email us at And also, please don't forget to subscribe to our channel.